Jenkins Investing In Future Success

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Yesterday, we discussed how injured defensive end Jarvis Jenkins was working hard to return to the gridiron, and offering support to injured teammates.

Today, we heard from defensive coordinator Jim Haslett about how impressed he is with the rookie’s commitment to return, by staying around the facilities.

“He’s still around. He’s in meetings. He’s working out,” Haslett said.  “He’s running up the steps today for me. He looks great.  I think he’s gaining just because he’s in the meetings and paying attention.  I love the way Jarvis prepares to play the game and the way he’s done his rehab.”

It’s no surprise that work ethic has been a concern with players in the past, something that quietly dug at Haslett last year.

“We’ve had a couple of guys here last year – a guy went on IR and we didn’t see him all year,” he said.  “He went home or whatever.”

Home is where the heart is, but rehab is best done at the facilities.

Part of the role that Jenkins has embraced during his time in rehab, is of a cheerleader and extra set of eyes.  You would be hard pressed to find someone more excited to be a Redskins:

His enthusiasm, combined with his intense work ethic, almost makes his coaches wish that they could have him back this season.

“If you probably gave Jarvis another month, he’d probably be ready to play,” Haslett said.  “He just can’t plant and go side-to-side.  I mean he works hard and he tells me what he does at night.  He ran up the steps today and it was impressive.”

Jenkins is proving that just because he missed his rookie season, doesn’t mean that he can’t create impressions and turn heads.  Look for No. 99 to be ready to go in 2012.

To catch the rest of Haslett’s presser today, check it out below:
[castfire id=”castFireVideo” guid=”UwIWI” width=”620″ filename=”760867/redskins_2011-10-20-122507.895.m4v”]

0 thoughts on “Jenkins Investing In Future Success

  1. Everytime you hear something about this kid, you come away more impressed (which is difficult, given his already lofty status among fans and media members alike). Determination, size, strength, love for the game, quickness, intelligence, technique, and leadership; this kid has all of the tangibles AND intangibles to be a truly special player.

    Given the contributions of Kerrigan, Niles Paul, Roy Helu, and Chris Nield, it’s crazy to think that potentially our best draft hasn’t even suited up for us yet. I’m beyond excited to see him play again.


  2. My man jenk!!! I already know he is going to produce. you can tell from what he did in preseason and i believe he only played like 1 or 2 games. the boy is a monster and im glad to have him a part of the team! HTTR


  3. I don’t believe he’s speaking of Landry because he’s still on the team. I believe he would refer to a player that’s not on the team and Malcolm Kelly was my guess also greener…


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