Shanahan Makes Beck-Brees Connection

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Back in August, we learned that Redskins quarterback John Beck spent time with All-Pro quarterback Drew Brees this offseason in order to hone his craft.

There are obvious comparisons between the two quarterbacks in terms of size, skill-set, age, and history in the league.  Brees didn’t catch fire until he went was put in the proper setting to accentuate his skills.

Redskins head coach Mike Shanahan is hoping that Beck finds a similar comfort level in Washington.

“Everybody’s looking for a difference maker,” he said.  “You take a look at a guy like Drew Brees. He was released by San Diego. Who was going to pick him up? Miami? Nobody knew he was a difference maker. Everybody knew he was probably pretty good, but now everybody knows he’s a difference maker.”

Shanahan gave a glowing review of Brees, with the premise that none of it would be possible with an the right opportunity.

“To me, he’s one of the best quarterbacks in the National Football League,” Shanahan said of Brees.  “I’m amazed every time I watch him, so there are people like that that get the opportunity to take advantage of it. There’s a lot of things that go into it. But everybody’s looking for a difference maker.”

Will the Redskins find their difference maker in Beck?  Fans will get their first peek on Sunday.

Check out Shanahan’s full presser below:
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0 thoughts on “Shanahan Makes Beck-Brees Connection

    • @Matt-

      Can’t say for sure, but there’s a lot of possibilities. Beck was a late addition last offseason, and spent most of last season learning the system. He wasn’t promoted to No. 2 until the end of last season, when he finally got significant snaps in practice with the scout team. No offseason to speak of, followed by an injury in training camp made him fairly green going into this season. There’s nothing to say that any of these reasons are the reason, but I would imagine that they’re all contributing factors.


  1. Obviuos comparison with Brees is “skill set” writer? Are you delusional, wishful? Dont compare the 2 except for maybe size. Lots of QB are where they are because of opportunity. What a insult to Brees..Beck is a back up QB. Period. HEs the QB because there is nothing better. Period. Shanahan has no clue what hes doing with the QB’s nor the RB’s..One week this player is the greatest thing since sliced cheese, the next week its the other guy.


  2. This is a very strange article.

    First of all, I’m not sure what Shanahan is even talking about. Brees was good very quickly with San Diego. Took the starting job from Doug Flutie part way through his rookie year. Started every game in year 2 (’02). Made the pro bowl his last 2 seasons in SD. He was tagged their “Franchise Player” in 2005. And they didn’t “release” him. Brees walked away from a 50 million dollar offer which he (and others) considered to be “low-balling” (they had Rivers waiting in the wings and Brees was recovering from off-season surgery on his throwing arm). Brees instead signed a big free agent deal with New Orleans.

    Also, Brees is short for a QB. Maybe 6′. But not really. Beck is taller, not similar physically at all.

    Beck does practice with Brees in the off season and has mentioned that he tries to model himself after Brees, which certainly sounds like a good idea. But, other than both being second round draft picks, there is nothing similar about their careers at all.


  3. After watching Beck in the preseason and listening to his interviews, I really felt and was hoping that Beck would get the starting nod prior to the first game of the season. He just seemed to be mentally sharp and of the right mindset.

    When you watch Beck throw the ball, his release is a lot quicker than Grossman’s and his footwork seems to be tighter. Beck’s athletic ability is also a plus.

    I’m not saying that Beck is the answer, I just personally think that he is a better option than Grossman. It’s going to be a long road ahead with a patchwork offensive line and I just hope that Beck is able to perform under pressure…literally


  4. Consider if Beck had started the season then with any error everyone and his brother would be screaming for Grossman. Doing it this way, Beck comes in now and everyone will give Beck a lot of slack because they dont want Grossman.


  5. I agree with both of the last 2 comments. I really think Beck has a chance to be good. I was baffled when he didn’t get the start in game 1. But, yes, this situation is better for him. He’ll get a better chance to grow into it now. I think it’s a big bonus that the team was able to make the switch with a winning record. Makes the rest of the season much more interesting.

    Re: the preseason competition: Basically agreeing with everything Moistskin said. The only thing I could think of that the coaches might had been seeing that we couldn’t was how well or poorly Beck was following the “system.” Beck took a lot more sacks in the preseason than Rex. That might have been from holding the ball past the point the play was designed for. That always bugs the hell out of the Shanahans. So maybe he’ll do better this time.

    And Brian, I wasn’t trying to come off as snarky in that earlier post. Sorry if I did. You might have been just quoting the coach. But he was just making stuff up at the time.


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