The Chris Cooley Mustache Interview

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Our good friends over at the American Mustache Institute were recently at Redskins Park to conduct interviews with players sporting impressive upper-lip hair.

Yesterday, we learned of running back Tim Hightower’s hard-work-equals-facial-hair mustache, and today, we discover that Cooley is trying to capture the athletic and facial-hair prowess of runner Steve “Pre” Prefontaine.

Click through to the article on the AMI site, but definitely check out the video after the jump:

0 thoughts on “The Chris Cooley Mustache Interview

  1. This is part of the problem — instead of taking his profession seriously, Cooley is intent upon becoming another Clinton Portis. There was a time when this guy was on track to becoming one of the best TEs in the game. Shanahan needs to reign this guy in and explain to him that if he’s going to be injured all the time and not contribute on the field, he should at least not be a clown/distraction off it.


  2. This is part of the reason the Redskins have been a laughing stock, lately. Cooley does more work on the radio than he does on the field.

    Maybe Chris doesn’t mind the fact that Fred Davis has now taken his spot as starting TE. When was the last time Cooley’s been healthy all season???

    Instead of growing facial hair and taking shots at Tony Romo, Cooley ought to be working on his craft and staying healthy.

    Brian, you really ought to get someone to proofread the stuff you write — I barely glanced at it and spotted at least three typos.


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