Local Student Interviews Dan Snyder

Writing someone a letter may seem outdated in today’s ever-growing world of technology, but there’s something special about the effort that it takes.

Take Sullivan Carr for example, a fifth grade student at Frances Hazel Reid Elementary in Leesburg, Va.  “Sully” needed to write a report for class, based on the personal and professional life of someone he didn’t know.

Why not ask the owner of his favorite sports team?

One simple letter later, and Sully was interviewing Redskins owner Daniel M. Snyder on the set of “Redskins Nation.”

Before Mr. Snyder appeared, “Redskins Nation” host, Larry Michael, asked Sully what he thought of the recent quarterback switch to John Beck.  Sully responded, “I think it’s a good idea, it is not horrible.  I think he can do great in his first game.”

Not horrible, and he’ll do great on Sunday.  I like it.

[Editor’s Note: Much respect to Sully for sporting a No. 72 Dexter Manley jersey, given that he wasn’t alive during Manley’s playing career.  This young man knows his Burgundy and Gold football.]

The real fun began when Mr. Snyder appeared on the set to be interviewed.  This was no LeBron James-Jim Gray softball interview; there were some creative, and challenging questions.

One Redskins-related question was Mr. Snyder’s favorite football player.  He noted that he didn’t really have “favorites,” loving all of the Redskins alumni.  He did note, however, that he was close friends with Sonny Jurgensen, so Sonny was a step above the rest.

He also noted that he had a deep respect for cornerback Pat Fischer.  “I love Pat Fischer because he was my size and packed a wallop,” Snyder said.  “He was a great, great player.”

In his personal life, Mr. Snyder confessed to being “terrible” at video games, that he wouldn’t mind being featured on “Undercover Boss,” and he’d like to meet President Obama and “Late Show” host David Letterman.

When the interview concluded, Mr. Snyder presented Sully with a Redskins football signed by Snyder, Beck, general manager Bruce Allen, and head coach Mike Shanahan.

That should be enough to get him an ‘A’ on that report.

Check out the interview, in its entirety, below:
[castfire id=”castFireVideo” guid=”UwIWI” width=”620″ filename=”761587/redskins_2011-10-20-173327.895.m4v”]

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