Redskins Rally In Charlotte

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Panthers who?  Carolina is Redskins Country.

The Redskins fans are out in full force tonight at Kickstand Burgers-N-Bar in Charlotte.  The Redskins supplied general manager Bruce Allen, voice of the Redskins Larry Michael, and Redskins greats Rick ‘Doc’ Walker and MVP Mark Moseley for the fans.  In exchange, hundreds of Redskins fans showed up for good times, good drinks, and free “Beat Carolina” T-shirts.

There was a monster turnout for the event, with the residents of Redskins Nation packing both the bar room and patio.  The 400 T-shirts were given away in 10 minutes, and Bruce Allen and Doc Walker pumped up the crowds.  The ExtremeSkins online fan group organized a trip of more than 100 fans to make the trip, and they mixed with the locals for a couple hours.

The Panthers have only been in Carolina for the last 16 seasons, but the Burgundy and Gold roots run deep here.  Thanks to all of the fans that showed up to support the team.

HTTR- Go Redskins!

0 thoughts on “Redskins Rally In Charlotte

  1. HAIL,great pics of the rallys in Carolina,stuck here in South Jersey,
    with all these Phila Stinkles fans,its gets tough sometimes but there are alot of us out here singin HAIL TO THE REDSKINS every week


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