Fourth Quarter Frustrations

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Despite a bright-sunny day today, the Panthers rained on the John Beck parade as the Redskins fell short in Charlotte.

Like last week, the injury bug took it’s toll once again, with Tim Hightower, Santana Moss and London Fletcher all leaving the game with injuries.  But unlike last week, the story of the day wasn’t turnovers or lost opportunities.

This game didn’t boil down to a particular turning point, as the Redskins never led in the game.  As I’ve been saying all year, this team wins as a team and loses as a team, and today, they just didn’t have enough, as a team.

On offense: The running game was red-hot for the first two quarters, but stalled with the absence of Hightower.  Rookie receiver Niles Paul recorded his first two receptions of his career, both on acrobatic catches in the fourth quarter.  Moss, a Washington quarterback’s best friend, was lost in the first quarter to a hand injury, and did not return.  John Beck recorded the highest quarterback rating (80.8) since the first game of the season (110.5, Grossman), but a late interception deflated the comeback.

On defense: The defense was able to limit Cam Newton to the third lowest yardage total of his young career, but failed to contain receiver Steve Smith at the end of the game.  The Redskins limited the impressive Panthers tight end duo to 36 yards, but gave up 175 yards on the ground.

On special teams: The Redskins have found their kicker, with Graham Gano coming through from 49 yards, the third week in a row that he’s hit from at least that distance.  On the other hand, punter Sav Rocca was a non-factor in the game (one punt for 37 yards), and Brandon Banks was held to one return with Olindo Mare’s kickoffs.

As with any time that the Redskins lose, this was a frustrating loss.  There are no good losses, but this one illustrated the strength and weakness of the 2011 Redskins: youth.

Bad side: This is a young team.  Making the change to Beck makes it younger.  Losing Moss, Hightower, Fletcher, Trent Williams, Kory Lichtensteiger, Chris Cooley, and the shake-ups on the line, makes it younger.  Younger teams can be flashier, but they can also be less consistent.  This team needs to time to grow and develop together before they can accurately be judged.

Good side: This team has playmakers on both sides of the ball.  The Redskins have so many playmakers up front on defense, that they can be creative with the rest of their defensive scheme.  Once they get healthy (Fletcher, Oshiomogho Atogwe short-term; Jarvis Jenkins long-term), this is a unit that can be dominant.  On offense, this was the first game that many of these guys played together–they did remarkably well, considering.

Paul, Terrence Austin, Roy Helu, and Fred Davis have shown their play-making ability on offense.  Ryan Kerrigan, Brian Orakpo, Chris Neild have shown their play-making ability on defense.  It’s the development of these players that will determine the path of this team moving forward.

The Redskins didn’t win today, and nobody looks good losing, but there were a number of good performances to take from today.  Chin up, Redskins Nation, it’s only Week 7.

Final score from Charlotte: Redskins 20, Panthers 33.

0 thoughts on “Fourth Quarter Frustrations

  1. Chin up? Redskins have lost 2 in a row now and are 3-3. Looks like a 7-9 season to me. Lets face it, Grossman and Beck are both back up qb’s. Our offense is horrible like it has been for 10 years now


  2. The Redskins have once agian proven that they lack both talent and direction. Every game shows their fans (If any are left) that the team WILL remain embaress and fumble their way to another defeat. More and more Fedex games show stands filled with opposing teams fans then Redskins fans. My suggestion is that the Redskins default the rest of the season in defeat or hire another team to play for them. The team has NO heart, NO talient, NO flexability in play and serious lack of coaching.


  3. its too early to start panicing but its definately time to start pointing the finger….yeah cam made some good runs and there were a couple of missed tackles but i dont think we can blame the players for the loss this game i got to put this loss on the shoulders of the coaches defense wise it seems like haslett was scared to call some heavy blitzez and force cam to beat them with his arm and smart choices its like the defense was told to sit back and play soft coverage(which by the way i dont ever want to see kevin barnes at the safety position again he can barely play at the corner back spot i mean what self respected athlete tries to trip a man instead of growing some balls and tackling him head on) and offense wise shanahan stuck to the run a lil to long he did not give beck a chance to put points on the board and make plays until the 3rd quater the skins are not known for lighting up the score board so we have to have a since of urgency a lil earlier than that and start slinging that ball around before we get down by 17 points and only have 5 minutes left in the 4th quarter to start trying to rally a hopeless comrback…..bottom line the coaches came to carolina and laid a big egg.


  4. I am a native Washingtonian, born at D.C. General Hospital, so I’ve been a Redskins fan my entire life. I admire the optimism of some of our fans in regard to the team. Unfortunately, I do not share that optimism. All I continue to hear is (1) It’s early in the season, and (2) there’s still a lot of football left to play. I’ll be honest, I’m not optimistic at all, because they lost to a Cowboys team w/an injured Tony Romo, injured Dez Bryant, and Miles Austin didn’t even play. What upset me most about that loss is the Cowboys won with FIELD GOALS! They lost to an Eagles team (at home) that was on a 4-game losing streak; and yesterday, they lost to a rookie QB. The players always say what we “want to hear” during post-game interviews. I’m sorry fellow fans, but we will only continue to be disappointed by this team. Injuries are piling up, because their conditioning program is terrible. Their defense runs out of gas down the stretch. The offense finds 3-and-outs acceptable, so I’m gonna take one last look at the remaining schedule (since there’s so much football left) and make my predictions. I’d like any of the players to respond; I’m wondering what the newest excuse will be.


    • Hey Bernard you want off the bus, then get off. This is the best redskins team we’ve had including the coaching staff in a number of years. We are much younger than past and I believe we are finally heading in the right direction. The one position we must focus on getting happens to be the most important….. QB !


  5. I will always be a Redskins fan but it is very hard to keep supporting this franchise. Every year they get us so very pumped in the preseason only to disappoint when the real football starts. Being up here in Connecticut I can only watch the CSN network for updates on the Redskins. Prior to the games I hear from the players and coaches on how ready they are for the game. After the loss all I hear is how upset they are and it serves as a wake up call to work harder the next week.
    They lose the games they are supposed to lose and also lose the games they are supposed to win. Cam Newton has had career days on other teams but the other teams win the game. The last part of this team that I had confidence in (the defense) is now gone. Quit the quarterback experiment and invest in someone that will grow the team….not the retreads. I am so frustrated with this organization!


  6. Thomas is right. We desperately need a QB who can make good things happen when the designed plays break down.

    We also need receivers and TEs who can catch. Moss goes down and suddenly F. Davis and the rest can’t catch air in a wind tunnel. Must have been their Roberto Duran impression day.


  7. The problem is the defense can’t stop anyone when the must make a stop. This is haslett’s fault..The game plan and knowing what the other team will run in any giving situation seems to be the cause..What film are they watching..16-13 we need a stop and Carolina goes 80 yards, Game over..


  8. I’m with Ron B. How many times are we going to allow Kevin Barnes to miss tackles and give the opposition WR a 5 yard head start. I know the losses are not all his fault, but he is bad, bad, bad! Every week is the same. As for D Hall, he misses as many tackles as he makes. Get rid of both!


  9. I agree with chris marino on all four (4) of his observations. HEY BRIAN ain’t those 4 points the same as the ones I spoke of in week 3 & you harshly down played those points !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YA I THINK SO !!!!!!!!!!!! I am a long, long time skin’s fan (1968 ) so I know a skin’s team with GUTS & WILL TO WIN & this team is neither. really sad too


  10. thomas —– are you a rookie to the nfl or a steelers fan ( get off the BUS ). you obviously don’t know a good skin’s team young or veteran. the skin’s were the team to beat from 1968 thru 1990 to get to the super bowl. they have been a door-mat since snider got the team. Don’t know why but those are the facts. Two (2) play-off appearances since snider arrived.


    • Jim- why such a hater!! If you read what I said was that ” as of lately ” referring to the last five years of the franchise finally heading onto the right direction. You referred to the skins up to 1990. ( that was 21 years ago dude ). As far as snider is concerned , he is very passionate about winning and will spare no cost in doing so. He finally learned his lesson thou as a owner to get a great coach and hire a gm and get the hell out. We are a franchise qb away from being a very dominate team. Btw if you don’t support the team during bad times then your not a true skins fan. Find another team to root for.


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  12. thomas,
    i am not a hater of the skins & my comparison of the skins teams of old to the teams since snider arrived is a valid comparison. first fact — donovan mcnabb as qb last year . Why do you think philly got rid of him ???? washed up is why & he proved it last year — one year with skins & done So who is next qb– washed up gunslinger grossman who proved already why the bears got rid of him !!!!!!!!! I believe these decisions on players & coachs are made by snider & ONLY snider. I have been a skins fan since 1968 & am still here as a fan & will remain a fan. Hope you are a skins fan for 48 yrs. as I have been. DUDE

    thx for comment tho.


  13. I forgot—– I am also a raiders fan since 1984 & their game against K.C. stunk to high heaven 28 to 0 at home- non-pro performance but did have a back-up qb which does create problems but not on the D lol poor D over-all.


    • Jim- first I’ve been a fan for 30 years and remember those great skins of the past but the future is now. We can agree to disagree about snider making the calls. I think that’s why he hired an experienced gm for the first time ever. If we can get a franchise qb I believe we will be off and running. Good comments


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