Redskins’ Twitter-iffic Pregame Thoughts

As per usual, there’s a lot of pregame excitement from the Redskins players, as they realize that this is a golden opportunity to right the ship.

And that will be my last nautical term for the week.

Here are players’ thoughts as kickoff approaches.  Each of these four players is active, and all will have a role in today’s game:!/Niles_Paul/statuses/128100626516287489!/TruckNeild/statuses/128107845781684224!/ECUPIRATE69/statuses/128094457659785217!/speedybanks16/statuses/128076908167577601

0 thoughts on “Redskins’ Twitter-iffic Pregame Thoughts

  1. wel, well another LOSER ( 1 and 5 panthers ) fattening up on stats & record on the skin’s D !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! poor game planning on off. & def. Hey brian remind me of the skin’s D compared to the raiders D !!!!!!!!!!! raiders r 4 and 2 !!!!!!!!!!!!!


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