Third Quarter Thoughts

Imitation is said to be the greatest form of flattery.

The Panthers took their first drive of the half, the length of the field for a touchdown.  The drive was capped off by a quarterback-keeper run up the middle for a touchdown.

The Redskins responded by marching the length of the field for a–you guessed it–quarterback-keeper up the middle for a touchdown.

Redskins fans heard all week (and throughout training camp), that Beck was a mobile quarterback.  He has now proven that with back-to-back weeks with a rushing touchdown.  Trailing by 10, the Redskins really needed to put points on the board, and when the play broke down, Beck did it himself.

This was a gritty finish to the best drive of the day.  The Redskins turned to their tight ends on the drive, tallying 81 yards through the air.  Fred Davis finally got involved on offense, with two catches for 33 yards.  Logan Paulsen had a career-drive, with a pair of 24-yard catches, the longest of his career.  It is also a career-high two catches in a single game.

Not bad for a ‘blocking tight end.’

The drive did come at a price, however, as running back Tim Hightower planted on a cutback, and crumpled holding his knee.  Teammates Mike Sellers and Donte Stallworth assisted him off the field, as he seemed very uncomfortable putting weight on it.

As the quarter wound down, the Panthers had found the end zone again to extend their lead back to 10.  The Panthers are driving again, and the Redskins need a big play and a defensive hold in the fourth quarter.

Redskins trail after three, 13-23.

0 thoughts on “Third Quarter Thoughts

  1. Only chance the Redskins have of winning another game is against the Dolphiins but I doubt they can score enough to win. Same old sorry Skins (twenty years now of futility). 2011 record? 4 – 12.


  2. Panthers: Yes, we Camm!
    Over the last few weeks, Redskins Offense is largely responsible for making the Defense work too hard by not scoring and putting the Defense too many times in bad positions, etc. Now, the Defense is breaking down somewhat.
    I am not sure if I saw as many Beck-friendly plays as I wanted – i.e., rollouts, boot legs and draws… I would like to see more plays to Beck’s strength especially in and around the red zone. I also thought younger Shanahan could have used the hurry up offense more to the offense’s benefit.


  3. pez- here we are again !!!!!!!!!! another wasted sunday afternoon watching the losers lose to another BIGGER loser ( 1 and 5 panthers ). I guess brian is hiding out cause I have challenged him twice to give some more phony excuses & plenty more games to be played B.S.


  4. All I can think of is that we would have won this game if Santana was in the game and not injured. He caught three passes ( one reversed because of penalty) in the first few minutes. Nobody could cover him and he would have put up career numbers. He was the game breaker we needed and no one mentioned this. Seeing how open he was in the beginning of the game made me feel that his injury was the fatal difference. Does anyone see what I see? He is the Steve Smith of washington and this would have been proven. I am so saddened to see this exciting receiver gone. I pray that the team can hold on until he comes back.


  5. hi Brian, lol 28 to 0 at home to a team with a worse record !!!!! K.C. Yep you are correct but no excuses for the crappy play by the whole team as these guys are high-paid pros but didn’t play like it. Kind of like the skin’s huh ! One thing was similar to skins — starting Q.B’s out which is a distraction for any team. Agree Brian ?


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