Austin As A Backup Quarterback?

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Under the new NFL collective bargaining agreement, teams are able to dress 46 players for gameday, instead of 45 plus a backup quarterback.  Under these rules, teams like the Redskins elected not to carry that third quarterback option, and instead chose to keep another position player.

This decision almost backfired yesterday.

John Beck was named the starting quarterback early in the week, but by the weekend, his backup Rex Grossman had pneumonia and a 103-degree fever.

Surprisingly, Grossman was still a possibility if needed.

“[Grossman] was ready to go at it if John went down,” head coach Mike Shanahan said after the game.  “We brought him out for pre-game. You could see that he was having a tough time so we kept him in here watching it on TV in case we needed him.”

With no other bona fide quarterbacks on the roster, multiple players auditioned under center before the game.

“We had a couple of guys take hand-offs,” Shanahan explained.  “We had two or three guys that could do that. It really didn’t matter.”

“Terrence Austin would probably have been the one.”

That’s surprising, considering that Austin has no passing statistics from college, and according to his high school page, he has no passing stats from high school either.  But hypothetically, he was the best option if Beck and Grossman both went down.

All of that is not to say that he couldn’t run a version of the “Wildcat formation,” but it would be an especially undomesticated version.

More like “Feral Cat formation.”

The only other player on the team with high school quarterback experience is defensive end Adam Carriker.  Carriker will be happy to tell you that his team was terrible in high school and that his switch to defensive end was a wise decision.  But wouldn’t it be great to see another two-player in the NFL?

Okay, maybe not at defensive end and quarterback.

0 thoughts on “Austin As A Backup Quarterback?

  1. We might be best served taking a chance on demoting Hankerson to the practice squad and bringing up Jonathan Crompton. For being a third-round pick that was graded as high as a second-rounder, Hankerson sure seems to be contributing a whole lot of nothing, and there’s really no need of carrying 8 receivers on the depth chart, even with the Moss injury. As happy as I was that we drafted him back in April, I’m starting to get the sneaking suspicion that he’s going to be yet another guy in the long list of wide receivers we’ve drafted that didn’t pan out for us.


  2. The Redskins current problems are a by-product of the Donovan McNabb debacle. The last free agent QB that did anything for the Redskins was Doug Williams. Somebody on the “Council of Idiots” at Redskins Park needs to get a clue and OVERDRAFT at the quarterback position in the upcoming draft. A coaching change is apparently in order, as I fail to see any rhyme or reason to offseason personnel moves.


  3. D. Flynt – They don’t have enough talent on the rest of the team to draft and develop a good qb yet. They need to build a team THEN insert a qb, A good qb is not worth anything if he doesn’t have a line to protect him and has wrs that can’t get open.


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