Hightower’s Fiery Locker Room Speech

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With 88 yards in the first 33 minutes of play, Redskins running back Tim Hightower was closing in on one of the greatest statistical performances of his career.

On the Redskins first drive of the second half, the offense drove down the field to the Carolina 36-yard line.  On first-and-10, Hightower took a handoff to his left, cut back up the field to his right, and his knee gave out.

Helped up by the Redskins medical staff several minutes later, Hightower tried to put weight on it and looked visibly frustrated by the pain.

“I’m very passionate about what I do,” he said after the game.  “In a situation like that, when you kinda feel helpless, you’re not able to help your team and you’re not able to do what you were brought here to do, it’s a terrible feeling.”

“I was a little frustrated–a little stubborn–because I just have too much fight in me,” he continued.  “Being on the sideline and not being able to be in there with your guys–they’re putting it out there on the line.”

Despite carrying the offense in the first half, Hightower’s job had only just begun when he left the game.  After watching his teammates fall to .500, he addressed the team in the locker room after the game, to remind them of their preseason goals.

“We play this game for one reason: to win,” he related to the media after the game.  “We want to focus. Regardless, we’re still in the hunt. Whether we were 6-0 at this point, or whether we were 1 and whatever, we’re still in the hunt right now. We still have our goal in front of us and we still have the ultimate goal, and that’s what we’re going to keep working to.”

Hightower had the undivided attention of the team, and implored them to dig deeper to find the answer.

“We’re going to come back,” he said.  “I don’t think it’s time for anyone to get discouraged. I think it’s time for us to stay motivated and stay hungry, and to just go back to work. Whether we won this game or lost this game, we’ve got to show up to work Monday.”

He continued: “Regardless of what happens outside the locker room, I know every guy in this locker room still believes in what we can do, in the team that we can be. We’ve got to show it.”


Hightower reached out to fans this afternoon, to thank them for the support that he’s been shown:


0 thoughts on “Hightower’s Fiery Locker Room Speech

  1. Hightower is a tremendous competitor, no doubt. However, you will only go as far as your QB is able to take you, in this league. We are not a playoff caliber team this year because of our lack of QB talent. I’ve resigned myself to that fact


  2. Brian, I implore yoy to convince the skins to sign this guy long term. He’s a natural leader and a pretty decent player too. 3rd down back until he’s 100 percent next year. Make it happen B.


  3. I’ve been a fan since 1973 and love the Skins with all my heart, but it’s not rational to think that we will go far with that secondary. Even with a strong pass rush, which we have, anything more than 8-8 or 9-7 with the secondary we have is nothing more than a pipe dream.

    I’m in NYC and don’t get Skins’ games, so I streamed it on my laptop. I couldn’t believe the poor technique displayed by a veteran like DeAngelo Hall. On one play, he turned completely around 360 degrees and got beat on a sideline pattern run by Steve Smith. And the safety help was nonexistent.

    And where’s the strong nose tackle from West Virginia that looked so good in preseason? Is he injured? Coefield looks lost out there.

    I don’t know what to say — we can’t beat a team with a rookie QB and have the AFC East coming up. It doesn’t look promising.

    Beck was not the problem yesterday — he’s a pretty decent game manager who won’t be in position to screw things up if we’re playing with a lead, but how often have we played with leads this season?


  4. Beck was a little tentative in the 1st half, but so was Kyle’s play-calling.
    The main difference in yesterday’s performance is obvious, an inactive Atogwe, period. Why have the Skins rebounded on D this year from last years debacle? Becasue we have not given up the big play and that is due to Atogwe being a great FS and QBs know to keep the ball away. Smith’s reception on the goalline is a INT if Atogwe is active.
    The D was fine considering Fletch was out as well and they just got tired by the end. Remember, this is the team that beat NO for 58 mins 2 weeks ago!
    Beck looked much better in the 2nd half, but our WRs create no seperation. I do not see how Hankerson is not better than Armstrong or Stallworth, but I think he is still learning the play-book, that said, I see a heavy dose of Hankerson and Helu going foward.
    Davis is a top 10 TE and with 2 more inches he would challenge Graham with a QB like Brees.


  5. I am a true believer in what the Redskins can do, I have seen this team go to the Super Bowel and win it and I don’t see why we can’t do that again this season, We need to work together to get where we want to go. I send my best to Hightower, Moss and Cooley for a fast recovery, we need you guys to get the job done along with the rest of the team. WE ARE THE WASHINGTON REDSKINS!!!!!


  6. I was/am very pleased with Tim Hightower! I wish him the very best and I really hope that the FO sees that this man is going to give us his all even from the sideline. He deserves the chance to come back next year with a new 2-3 contract in hand. Good luck buddy!

    I really hope that the D can regroup and come back strong! A little bit of being humbled can be good for a rebuilding team. Gotta keep working hard and not resting on our laurels.


  7. Redskins

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  8. Our offense is very bland. Never see a play where I say “Wow”. Watch a patriot game and see all the inventive misdirection and movement. I love the Skins, but seems like they have to be perfect just to compete. Beck is definitely better than Rex. need to get him moving with some planned rollouts. All our pass routes seem so easy to cover. How about a pump and go, or the RB taking a handoff, then pitching it back to the QB, like we used to do. We should also throw deep, even if it’s just to keep the defense honest. What good is speed if you never throw deep.
    Our DB’s play way too far off the receivers. Our defense will hold and it will be third and 8 and our DB’s will be off by 15 yards. Our blitzes are also so predictable. Like a pitcher always throwing a fastball when behind in the count. Orakpo should be turned loose. He’s capable of dominating a game. it’s like having a weapon and not using it. It’s time to go for broke. Our team is too conservative I love the Skins, but they are tough to watch sometimes.
    Shanahan needs to realize that he was never a great coach, he just happened to have Terrell Davis to compliment Elway. With average players, you have to make things happen. Tired of watching bland football. We are capable of much more.



  9. NOW IS THE TIME for the real skins fans to stand up…yeah it hurts when we lose and its easy for us to start pointing the finger at why we lost 2 in a row, hell even i did it but if there is any time to rally around your team and show true redskin pride is now tim hightower just suffered a season ending knee injury and instead of him thinking about himself he was in the locker room trying to boost the morale oh his teammates and that shows me that he sees something in the skins that we the fans are not seeing and quick to give up on dont let all our anticipation and hope and drive for a championship calibur team go out and die out in vain,its obviously true that we may not have all the pieces we need to rip through the season and be a 6-0 team like the packers but soon we will have what we need to win those games we lost to the eagles,cowboys,and panthers and win convincingly…..so redskins nation lets stick by our squad and continue to anticipate victory every time we take the field, and redeem these to losses by putting some burgandy and gold foot in some buffalo asses this sunday….HAIL TO MY HOME TEAM AND MY HOMIE 25 TIM HIGHTOWER. KEEP THE FIRE BURNING.


  10. A guy that will be truly missed this year. Can’t wait til he returns and play next year. We know that we will be getting back a great RB, Fiery Leader, and above all, a Team Guy. Wish we had 53 guys on the roster like him!!!


  11. Can someone answer just one stupid question for me? I was watching the Jags shut down the Ravens last night, and they played primarily press coverage. Why do our CBs play so far off the WRs, especially someone like Steve Smith? Once Smith gets into his routes smoothly, it’s nearly impossible to cover him, so why not press him with a safety shading over the top?


    • I dont think our dbs are athletic enough. The jags dbs were running step by step with the ravens wrs, even jumping infront of them. Our dbs arent reading qbs eyes and jumping routes effectively.


  12. I’m sorry Tim bout your luck as a fellow football player & die hard redskin fan I know how frustrated it must b, u put on a good game, I only hope we all can get pass this & move 4ward, I know its hard work I also wanna win as bad as u do, I also am thankful 4 the leadership u show n & out of the locker room, u r very talented, everybody n that locker room is, I pray 4 u & wish u all well, get well & god bless.

    Stephen Walsh

    P.S, your right, we’re not finished yet, “Hail 2 the redskins”


  13. H, I was watching the Jags-Ravens and the Baltimore WRs couldn’t get any separation because of the press coverage. Then, I watch our CBs and they’re always giving 7-8 yards to the opposing WRs and STILL getting beat deep!!!

    DeAngelo Hall has got to be the worst CB in all of football, not just the NFL. Steve Smith was toying with our CBs. That’s where our games are lost — in the secondary. Third and 17 and we give up a 19 yard gain along the sideline…


  14. Why is there overreaction ebery week? ESPN980 is mostly responsible, period.Guys, we gave up 2 big plays and think, who do we have this year that we didn’t have last year, but was out this game? Atogwe. This guy leads the NFL in takeaways since 2006 and opposing QBs know this fact. We have not allowed the big play this year bc Atogwe is a top 10 FS easy, so he plays and Smith doesn’t make that goalline catch and Skins have the ball at the end of the game to kick a field goal to tie.
    The OL prospects are weak this year, so I would like to see Tannehill at QB or go big and draft Monte T’eo, the best MLB in college and the best in a long time. McKintosh is a FA and willgo where the money is and that’s not going to be in DC. We NEED another MLB to learn from Fletch and T’eo is a perfect fit.
    Anyone watch our WRs? They get no seperation and I would say Davis is literraly our best route runner and explosive WR on the roster besides Hankerson and we will see him going foward since Stallworth, Armstring and Gaffney are showing nothing at all!


  15. Gaffney’s not bad, but no game changer. I think the Skins made a mistake bringing back Moss. They’d have been better-served giving Paul or Hankerson more work in the preseason.

    Landry’s very overrated and should be nothing more than a safety in the box. I’ve lost count of the number of downfield pass plays he arrives late on. But he makes big hits! LOL

    I thought the pass protection wasn’t bad — that’s not where we lost. We lost in the secondary. Third & 17 and you give up a 19 yard completion. Same thing happened in the Dallas game, a very winnable game.


  16. Come on all of you guys are b-tches HT has tried to inspire the team and all I hear is you so-called fans saying oh ew eek… all you negative nellies should think about one thing build up our team if you are a fan cause HT is right we are still in the hunt and until we are mathematically eliminated I will believe!


  17. We won’t be in the hunt much longer if we keep losing winnable games. The Pats we’re not supposed to beat, probably not even the Jets, but the Eagles, Cowboys and Panthers were all games we probably should have won.

    Losing winnable games sets you up later in the season to depend on other teams the help you sneak in as a wild card, rather than being in position to win your way in.

    All the “rah-rah” stuff is cute, but unless you take care of business on the field, it doesn’t mean a hill of beans! Excuses and pep talks are for teams that need them — I was hoping we weren’t one of those teams.


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