Monday Morning Redux: The Big Picture

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One of the best parts about the NFL, is that each game gets its own week of preparation and expectation.  Each game becomes an event within itself, and a win can propel those involved into the stratosphere.

But a loss can drive people into a severe Monday morning funk.

Losing is hard, and it’s good that it is hard; losing should never be easy.  I’m not a salesman, and I’m not a “flufferer,” but I can think of at least three reason to be optimistic about the state of your Washington Redskins:

1. Growing pains: This is a team that no one gave a chance to coming into the season.  Three months ago, experts were confidently calling them one of the worst teams in football, with a generous four-win ceiling.  Yes, winning three-of-four to start the season raised the expectations, but this is still the same young team that needs time to jell.

2. The race to 10: This is a team with postseason aspirations, and those are still a possibility.  Each year, the teams that reach the 10-win plateau give themselves the best chance to see the postseason.  The Redskins are currently sitting at three wins with 10 games to go.  The NFC East is a wide-open division, with only two games separating the first and fourth place teams.  The road gets more treacherous from here, but there’s still a lot of exciting football left for this team.

3. Parity in the NFL: Call me superstitious, but I really don’t like talking about the playoffs in Week 7, because it’s entirely premature.  But to piggy-back on the last point, there are four teams from last year’s playoffs that currently have the same or worse record than the Redskins.  That says less about the playoffs and more about the positioning of the team.  Yes, this team lost the last two games, but it’s the same team that won its first two.   The Redskins just need to find a way to beat the streak, this week.

Since last night, I’ve heard suggestions that the team should forfeit the season, hire a group of replacement players, move to Los Angeles, or just disband entirely.

Who knew .500 was so bad?

At 3-3, the Redskins are back at zero, and have a fresh, 10-game season ahead of them.  This is a team going through long-term changes, as well as short-term adjustments.  But there’s a lot of reason to believe in this group, and there’s a lot of talent that’s just starting to come into its own.

Week 1 of the rest of the season starts next week, against the Toronto Bills.

0 thoughts on “Monday Morning Redux: The Big Picture

  1. Get real!! When I look at the remaining schedule, I only see one winable game. Please tell me which of the other nine are winable based on the last two weeks performances. 2011=4 & 12.


    • @CK-

      If past performance was a reliable indicator of future success, the Redskins would be 16-0 after the first two weeks of the season. Prognostications and bold/dreary predictions are fine, but there’s a reason why the two teams take the field on Sunday.


  2. Brian
    LOL I give you credit for being an EXTREME OPTIMIST !!!!! I hope the skin’s win too but I am a realist. As I said before this team has niether the coaching ( shanahan jr. ) guts or will to win. Only the complete season will prove that.


    • @jim horath-

      I’m a glass 3/4 full kind of guy 🙂 I wouldn’t accuse you for being any less of a fan for your criticisms, but people who identify themselves as realists are usually justifying their cynicism. I think that you’re looking at a very different animal on the field this year though, and confusing it with the problems of the past. I think in the past you did see a lack of grit, a lack of passion on the field, but I don’t get that impression from this team. I believe that anybody can win, any given Sunday, but I also believe that teams can just get beat sometimes. I think the last two weeks are examples of that, and there are a million reasons why, but that’s what it boils down to. The Redskins didn’t make either team look good, but both teams were able to do enough to win. That’s going to happen over a 16 game season, but it doesn’t mean that we’ve seen the essence of this team yet. You’re exactly right–at the end of the season, we’ll know 🙂


  3. thx for the explanation Brian but answer one more fact —- since Snider became owner in 93 or 94 have the skins been as competitive as when Jack Kent Cook (I believe that was the previous owner) was the owner ? I think you will find ABSOLUTELY NOT EVEN CLOSE !!!!!!!!! Ihave been a skin’s fan since 1968 & do have critizisms when I believe the owner has way too much control & say so over the entire team.


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