Moss’s Influence Continues In His Absence

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Two of the biggest reasons for bringing back Santana Moss in this year’s offense, was to have a sure-fired playmaker at receiver, and to help mentor the plethora of young receivers on the roster.

Through the first six weeks of the season, Moss has been able to do that, in his own soft-spoken way.

“I’m not a guy that goes out of my way and talk to them about something,” he said.  “If I see something, I’ll give them advice. If they come to me, I’ll give them advice. You know, I’m one of those guys that I try to let everybody have their space because different players like to handle it different ways.”

“I try not to be there and be a pest or be a bug,” he continued. “I’m going to help them, but I don’t really try to be in their ear all of the time.”

Whatever he’s done so far, has worked.  Niles Paul, a fifth round pick in April’s draft, has already developed into a solid contributor in the passing and blocking game, as well as a valued asset on special teams.

He credits a lot of his development as a pro, to No. 89: ‘tana.

“I think ‘tana–just learning from ‘tana–I’m ready to be put in this position,” Paul said.  “I just hope that I can continue to come through in the game.  We’ve still got Donte [Stallworth] and Jabar [Gaffney] out there, and obviously I’m still learning from those guys.  Pretty much, they’re all my teachers, and I’m just out there trying to show them–trying to impress them.”

So far, Moss has been impressed, and expressed his excitement at seeing young guys like Paul and Leonard Hankerson get their opportunities.

“I’m pretty sure they’re excited,” he said.  “They’re gonna be anxious and stuff, but we’ll be able to tell them to just go out there and do what they do in practice everyday.”

Moss shared his insight for the rookies, saying, “Don’t really put too much on you, because that’s when you can get caught up into a tough situation.  You just wanna go out there and have fun with the opportunity and not press yourself.”

The Moss continues to grow in Washington, even if it’s from the sidelines.

Catch the rest of Moss’s press conference below:
[castfire id=”castFireVideo” guid=”UwIWI” width=”620″ filename=”767459/redskins_2011-10-26-154859.895.m4v”]

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