Flying North For Warmer Weather

The Redskins flew out of the DMV under a winter storm advisory, bound for Canada (eh).  I’m no meteorologist, but I hear some folks saying that this is the earliest meaningful snowfall since 1979, when the area was hit by a whopping one-third of an inch on Oct. 10.

I can’t really say that I remember it, but for the sake of this story, “it was a wild one.”

The team charter had to be de-iced before taking off today, a delay that I was more than grateful to wait out.  When we left Dulles Airport, it was 36 degrees and snowing.  When we reached Toronto, it was 7 degrees.


We left behind “gray” and “wet” and landed in “dreary” and “dry.”  Somewhere in between (around 30,000 feet), I saw the sun, and took a picture as proof:

It does still exist.  As the bus took off towards the hotel, I realized we were going 90.

Kilometers per hour.

Gas prices are horrendous up here.  We passed an Esso station (that’s Exxon, for you south-of-the-border types), and gas was 122.9.

Canadian cents per liter.

I also found out that there is no Rogers Center up here.

It’s Rogers Centre.

It’s like being on Mars, here.

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The good news is that we landed safely in the land of Mounties and maple syrup (eh), and everyone made it through customs in an organized and timely manner.  I find it very strange that it’s 10 degrees warmer here than the blessed country that we left, but I’m sure we’ll appreciate the domed roof anyway.

I’m off to do something Canadian, see you bright and early tomorrow.  Eh.

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