Dome, Sweet Dome

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Welcome to the Rogers Centre [sic].

Time will tell if this is a hostile environment, but as of right now, the 55,000 seats are not yet filled.  Once again, I was impressed this week by the turnout of Redskins Nation in a foreign land, including this motley group from Hamilton, Ontario:

And they said I wouldn’t post the photo.

The players were locked in during warmup, talking only amongst themselves and their coaches.

Injured safety Oshiomogho Atogwe is back and healthy enough to start this week, warming up with the coaching staff during warmup.  He obliged my photographic needs by running a defensive route near my sideline:

Quarterback John Beck looked loose warming up with Rex Grossman (who looks dramatically better after last week’s bout with pneumonia), rolling out of the pocket and warming up with his receivers:

The open-air press box is deafening, and I love it.  The Redskins have taken the field under a chorus of boos, as the stadium is slowly filling up.  This is a big one for the Redskins.  We’ll find out how big it is in the next 12 minutes.

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