Sav Rocca’s World Tour Continues

As the plane touched down in Toronto yesterday, it was an all too familiar feeling for Redskins punter Sav Rocca.  The Italian-Australian footballer has now played for four teams, across two major professional sports, on three continents, four countries, spanning 21 years.

“I’ve played in Australia, the U.S., Canada, and we played an exhibition game in London when I was in Australia,” he said.  “That’s about it playing wise.”

That’s twice as many as any of his Redskins teammates, and four more than you or I have.

The process of customs has become a familiar one for Rocca, who said that he’s lost track of the number of countries he’s visited. “I’ve probably been to 13 or 14 countries, total.”

Rocca has said in the past that he tries to stay as calm and level as possible during the game in order to maintain his focus.  It’s probably a good thing that he’s numb to the travel process at this point.

“I’m just excited to play, the stadium doesn’t much matter,” he said.  “Once we get inside the stadium, it’s just another game.”

Just another game in a dome–and that’s enough to make any kicking specialist smile.

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