Third Quarter Thoughts

This game may not have started off like the Redskins wanted for the first 45 minutes, but credit this young team for not giving up.  On the second Bills’ drive of the second half, it was the young defenders that sparked the three-and-out, with Kevin Barnes and Ryan Kerrigan getting back-to-back tackles for a loss.  On third down, the Bills completed a pass over the middle for a short gain, and a gang tackle by London Fletcher and Brian Orakpo forced the punt.

Trotting on and off the field, the Redskins have their heads up and are trying to encourage each other.  This isn’t the picture of the selfish superstars that used to grace the sidelines in solitude.  This is a team that may not have the answers right now, but the players do care, and they aren’t quitting.

If there’s anything positive to take from the first three quarters of football, it would be a testament to character.  You don’t really know the character of a team when it’s winning.  Not to be lost in the middle of this recent slide, is that the Redskins appear to be bunching together rather than tearing at the seams.

Unfortunately, John Beck’s jersey is tearing at the seams.  He’s been on the receiving end of a career-high six sacks in the game (previously four), and the Redskins need to find a way to keep him upright in the final quarter of the game.  A large part of that is his receivers getting open sooner.  Beck has been responsible with the ball, and six sacks are far better than six turnovers.

Not much time to get back in this game, as the Bills are on top: Washington 0, Buffalo 20.

0 thoughts on “Third Quarter Thoughts

  1. Oh, this team is so pathetic. The offense is completely lackluster and unimpressive. I hate watching this team get its collective ass kicked. Will this ever end?


  2. At some point our ineffective offense will create unintended injuries on the defense because they’re on the field so much. Sustain some drives please. Save the good thing we have going for us!!! Just saying.


  3. Kyle Shanahan has to be the dunbest off.cord. alive . Sorry , pops but if you’re backing him up you’re riding this jackass. I ciould do better and challenge you to challenge me to do so. Forget the off. line injuries ,ever heard of the back -ups, who might be not as good but then again how do you know ? Give Beck some time , he’s smart and mobile “remember Joe Montana , that’s what you have but you’ve got to utilize his skills not your agenda ! Call me Mike I can help you and I work alot cheaper than most of your staff. Love THE REDSKINS {ALWAYS HAVE} LOVE YOU TOO IF IN NAME ONLY . mAKE US PROUD , THATS ALL i ASK. Sincerely Mike Shanahan Palm Beach, Florida


  4. london fletcher over celebrated on his endzone interception; so buffalo went right back to him a series or two later and got a td pass against him. all fletcher could do was fuss and cuss and finger point. sorry, london, but it’s on you. next time you make a great play in the endzone, be a little more humble afterwards. are you reading this, fred davis? not one redskin has anything to celebrate, let alone over-celebrate.


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