Who Is Your MVR(edskin)?

As we reach the 2-minutes warning in Toronto, who is your top Redskins player of the day?

0 thoughts on “Who Is Your MVR(edskin)?

  1. What a ridiculous question – a purely pathetic performance by the entire team and coaching staff. MVR? You can’t be serious. What a joke.


    • @Ghosts of RFK-

      Things aren’t black and white, and you can’t take it away from guys like London Fletcher that did everything they could to win. Did it work out? No. Does he come home with a loss, same as everyone else? Yes. But does he deserve to be recognized for his performance? Yes he does.


  2. #91Ryan Kerrigan is the “Most Valuable Redskin” on and off the field! You got to love that awesome sack that he got during todays game! Go Redskins keep fighting for a win!


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