A Mixed-Emotions Halloween For Redskins

If someone knocks on your door tonight dressed as the undead, it’s best not to assume that the Zombie Apocalypse has begun (Although, if the zombies chose tonight to start it would be ingenious).  These zombies do not thirst for human flesh, they just want a candy bar and then they’ll leave you alone.

Redskins returner Brandon Banks may show up at your house tonight…dressed as himself:



There are some very creative Redskins fans out there tonight, who were kind enough to post their celebrations on Twitter:

For the most part, it seems pretty quiet among players for tonight.  Tomorrow is a day off, but not many players appear to be in the mood to party today, for obvious reasons.  Most are just happy to be back in the United States:






0 thoughts on “A Mixed-Emotions Halloween For Redskins

  1. you are posting these guys tweets from twitter but why arent we seeing tweets of Jarvis Jenkins telling an upset fan to kill himself because the fan replied to Jenkins tweet saying the Redskins will bounce back after Sundays loss to the Buffalos? why arent we seeing Niles Paul’s tweets arguing with a fan on Tuesday who was offeneded by the picture he posted of his brother dressed as Osama Bin Laden? The fan may have lost families to the incident on 9/11.. Doesnt give Niles Paul the right to argue with a fan who found it offensive.. How about Niles Paul’s tweets to a fan on Monday, and the sarcatic remarks in the conversation between Niles Paul and Brandon Banks asking is it safe to come on twitter now, they were seeing a lot of hate… And they agree to screw the fans “you be you” do these guys not realize they are in the public eye? Why dont they put the effort they put into twitter on the field??


  2. Great article. I was in the armed forces for so many years and just remember those good memories I had with my friends. We had a good time. We travled all over the world. Has anyone been to Wake Island? Its an exciting place. Very small place with only one airport.


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