Beck: Injuries No Excuse For Play

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Clearly, the blocking schemes need to be reassessed this week after the Redskins pass protection yielded nine sacks yesterday.  The Redskins have lost three of their best blockers in Kory Lichtensteiger, Tim Hightower and Chris Cooley, and the absence of left tackle Trent Williams was felt especially hard yesterday.

But Beck didn’t accept any ready-made excuses, and said that they team needs to adjust and get better.

“That’s just part of the NFL,” he said.  “Because it’s a long season, injuries do happen.  The good teams find a way to win, regardless of who steps in.  That’s our plan: to be the good team.  That’s our plan, to just continually get better so we can insert whoever’s next up, and continue to play well.”

As the Redskins finally come home to take on the 49ers, Beck said his team was aware of the process that it would take to reverse the results of recent weeks.

“You never wanna lose a game, and you never wanna lose back-to-back games, and so forth,” he said.  “So this will definitely be a week for us to get as much as we can out of the game tape, get the most we can out of practice, and take that next step forward.”

Watch his full post-game presser, below:

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0 thoughts on “Beck: Injuries No Excuse For Play

  1. I blame the playcalling every time we throw the deep ball something bad happens. We are not a big play team at least not unitl Hankerson develops. We need to nickle and dime teams and eat the clock up. I will be happy to see us win on field goals.


  2. Everybody damn tired of this little boy balling games now. I’m saying at least if you loose, loose with some dignity. I can handle a lose here and there maybe even 3 in a row if once in a while a skirmish will break out. Maybe the talent isn‘t matched. Does that mean the fight doesn’t either? What you got to loose now. It might be un sportsman to do some dirty but it doesn’t mean you have to get it stuck to you and lay there for it. Where’s the tussle after the play. Seemed like nobody even cared. Looked like a bunch of clock watching and waiting for the final bell. No gaming at all. That’s what the fans can’t stand. It’s not one man or another. It’s the whole team and coaches included. If you don’t want to play don’t call yourself a football player and turn in the uniforms. At least last year we kept in the fight and stayed in it.
    Still a lot of season left to let 8 more cities stick it to you. 49ers are coming with full intentions to make little girls out of you fools. Those play act tackles and getting pushed at the lines looks like little boys balling games. Man up! Have some damn dignity or go down the rest of this year looking and acting like little boys getting beat up at Sunday School.


  3. Damn1 Play with some balls! I am sick of this s**t! Getting paid to catch and block at least play with some damn pride. You need to hire Brian MITCHELL as a coach. He will get their @$$ in line! Trustme Gary Clark man please!


  4. Psycoskin… I’m with you 100%; And I also agree with John Beck’s assessment: Injuries no excuse for play. Being a professional athlete means you get paid to “play a game”, and I’ll guarantee you most of the Skins players are “very well paid”. The players don’t care, and why should they? It’s not like they receive lower pay for bad play. If they did, they would play better, believe me. When you affect a man’s money, you definitely get his attention. The players get in front of the cameras after losses and tell the fans exactly what we want to hear (1) We will get better, (2) There’s a lot of football left, (3) Keep believing in us, etc., etc., etc. They lost to a broken Cowboys team, a 4-game losing streak Eagles team, and a rookie QB, so I have no reason to believe that the winless Miami Dolphins will not get their first win against the Skins. I predict a 4-10 or 5-11 season.


  5. @psycoskin You hit the nails right on the heads! That’s what I’m talking about. The Redskins look feminine on the field right now. It’s one thing to lose a hard-fought game, but Fred Jackson was waltzing up the middle without a care in the world. It was the equivalent of the opposing teams PG driving down the lane from midcourt and doing a 360, then preening for the crowd.

    The lack of fight in the Skins is much more upsetting than the losses.


  6. @BERNARD GREEN I’ve been a die-hard since 1973. One thing I can’t stomach is a team giving up physically. If we can’t handle a finesse team like Buffalo, how the hell are we gonna handle Frank Gore and the boys this week? You know what the 49ers do — now it’s up to you to physically stop them.

    If the coaches can’t game plan the 49ers, there’s no team in the league they can game plan. If there’s a game to win, it’s this one against a simple, smash-mouth team quarterbacked by the immortal Alex Smith.


  7. Beck has no clock in his head. Some of those sacks were utterly pathetic. You can’t stand in the pocket for 6-7 seconds in the NFL. That sh#@ works in the WAC conference against Idaho State, but not in this league.

    Until Beck develops a better feel in the pocket, he will continue to be nothing more than a modestly-talented game manager.

    Also, it would be nice if our CBs played some press coverage — it would reward the d-line and OLBs with some much-deserved sacks.


  8. I believe a team soon takes on the personality of it’s coach…. I believe Shanahan has successfully
    turned this upgraded talented team into a team of indifference… It’s a shame George Allens son does not have some of his fire and spirit…A fan since 52.


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