Backfield Four Horsemen A Hit At Play 60

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The students at Steuart W. Weller Elementary School got a full taste of the Redskins rushing attack on Tuesday morning, as Tim Hightower, Ryan Torain, Roy Helu, and Darrel Young led the students in a Play 60 celebration.

The students and teachers arranged a big welcome for their hometown heroes, and were showered with hugs and high-fives from the students:

Despite being on season-ending injured reserve, Tim Hightower refused to back out of hosting the event, and put on a big smile, shed the crutches and hid his limp as he walked out on stage:

Once the speeches were done, 50 students stayed for a “Ultimate NFL Physical Education Class.”  The kids learned the Torain is pretty good at jumping rope:

And after consulting with Hightower, Young showed some pretty slick cutback moves with the ball in his hands:

“This was definitely fun to get out here with the four of us, and have fun with the kids,” Torain said.  “We didn’t plan for it to be just running backs, but I feel like it was good luck.  It brought us closer as a team–as a group.  So this was a lot of fun to be with the kids and hang out with Roy a little bit, have Tim over to the side chillin’.”

Ryan Torain loves running lanes, X’s and O’s, and dominating linebackers.  Today, he worked very well with the kids, keeping them excited and showing them how to do the events.  But one thing that he does not love, is speaking in a microphone.  “Tim did the hard part today, by getting up on stage and talking,” he said with a smile.  “Y’all know me.”

The best part of the assembly was when one student asked the panel of players how they’re able to tackle without getting hurt.  The only one among them that had played defense in his career was Young, who responded by “showing” the kid proper form.  He kept his head up, eyes on the boy, and wrapped him up in a hug-tackle.

The four Redskins stayed until the students were escorted back to class, and even stayed after to talk to the teachers and administrators.  After that, they went back to the facilities for treatment and to watch film for the 49ers on Sunday.

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