Carriker On Fans, Bands, and Weird Smells

AP Image

A recent post by Dr. Aaron of “Joe Sports Fan” blog captured our attention, because it discusses almost everything you’d ever want to know about Redskins defensive end Adam Carriker.

Carriker is having a beastly start to 2011, already accumulating more sacks (4.5) than he had in his career combined (3.5).  He is also on track to break his season-high in tackles, with 18 through the first seven games.

It’s nice to see Carriker finally finding his groove, and it couldn’t be better for the Redskins.  After starting his career in St. Louis, he’s making a name for himself in Washington.

But how does he feel about the fans in Washington?  Dr. Aaron asks the tough questions:

JSF: What’s the biggest difference between playing for the Rams and the Redskins?

Carriker: The fans here. You go to the stadium and it’s sold out. It’s like a college atmosphere. We have our own band. I don’t know if any other team even has that.

There is only one other team with a band, and that would be our AFC neighbors, the Baltimore Ravens.  But they don’t have a fight song, so who cares?

Moving on to more important topics, Dr. Aaron asked Carriker is he was aware that his career began in the shadows of a monument to facial hair:

JSF: When you were in St. Louis, did you recognize the Arch as the world’s largest mustache? 

Carriker: No, I didn’t. I just saw it as the Arch. I mean I know a guy flew and airplane through it and then got in trouble. I just took it for granted.

JSF: But getting back to your beard, I am curious, do you feel it gives you an edge on your opponents? Especially the clean-shaven mortals? 

Carriker: Absolutely. It’s the intimidation factor. I’ve got a little food in there. Maybe it smells a little and my breath smells bad too. But absolutely.

No pockets on football pants.  No pockets means no Tic-Tacs.  No Tic-Tacs, plus a fully-loaded flavor saver can spell trouble for an opposing offense.

This just in: the NFL gridiron is a smelly, intimidating place.  Check out the rest of the revealing Q&A, here.

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