Vernon Fox: Patient Perspective Is Key

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Former Redskins safety Vernon Fox is a former Redskins player, a Redskins fan, and a Redskins analyst.  But he is not a Redskins apologist, as he offers his weekly perspective on the direction of the team.

His advice to the players?  Keep swingin’.

His advice to fans?  Hang in there.

One of the highlights of this week’s assessment is his tip of the cap to Redskins linebacker London Fletcher.

“Listen, this is the sign of a key iron man,” Fox said of his former teammate.  “This guy went out and still played in the game injured.  Now there are guys all over the league that struggle with hamstring injuries, that are out multiple weeks.  He went out and fought through the pain, had 19 tackles, an interception, and a half sack.  It doesn’t get any better than that.”

Here’s Fox’s take on what everyone should do to ride out the rough patch:

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