Brian Orakpo Goes Viral

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No, Rex Grossman didn’t pass his bout of pneumonia on to his teammates.

Instead, Brian Orakpo has backed up his stellar commercial debut with two encore performances.

First, we have a healthy dose of Scrabble in the park:

Funny thing about that teacup, is that it would look like a mug if anyone else was holding it.

And too bad “Geico,” is a proper noun. ¬†That’s a no-go in Scrabble.

His next commercial, which I actually haven’t seen on live TV yet, has some marketing gold for the Redskins sack-master:

It is my job to inform you that there is no truth to the rumor that O-Rak-Go, O-Snack-Po, nor Coat-Rack-Po will be sold in the Redskins team store.


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