Players Happy With Team’s Waiver Choice

When new Redskins running back Tashard Choice arrives in the locker room this morning, no introductions will be necessary.  Most of those have already happened.

For example, Choice has already met Redskins cornerback DeAngelo Hall:

I’m told there’s no bad blood between the two, it was just a playmaker, making a play.  Choice, who was No. 23 with the Cowboys, has adopted No. 40 with the Redskins.  That number was previously possessed by cornerback Brandyn Thompson (in training camp), who was waived from the active roster in order to make room for Choice.

Funny how it’s all connected.

Via CSN Washington’s coverage of the Play 60 event yesterday, we learned that Choice’s new backfield mates were excited by the addition:
[castfire id=”castFireVideo” guid=”UwIWI” width=”620″ filename=”773631/csn_2011-11-01-183331.1535.m4v”]

And then, of course, there’s Choice’s former/current teammates and best friend, defensive end Stephen Bowen.

“That’s my boy,” he said with a big grin.  “I was hoping when the Cowboys cut him that the Redskins would give him a chance.  I know that we were kinda short at running back, and I just thought that with the type of player he is, he can give us that kind of spark.”

“Spark,” is exactly what the Redskins need after last week’s offensive performance.  This is Bowen’s Scouting Report on Choice:

“He can do it all: catch out of the backfield, good vision, and pass protect,” he said.  “I’m just excited that he’s here, man.”

Bowen left Dallas on his own terms in free agency.  Choice has little choice in the matter, but the reasons why are of little consequence now.

“I really don’t care about that,” Bowen said.  “That’s their loss–they lost a good back.  I know that he’s excited to be here for a fresh start.”

After being signed, Choice flew into town and has been working with trainers to overcome his shoulder and hamstring injuries.  From today, Choice has 18 days until the Cowboys come into town.  According to Bowen, he intends to be ready.

“He’s excited for the Cowboys game, because that’s right around his birthday, so he’s ready to go off,” he said.  “I mean, that’s automatically what you’re gonna be thinking.  I was thinking the same thing when we played them, so this time we’ve just gotta get a win.”

“He’s looking to be real good against them.”

While Bowen had a month of training camp to prepare him for football on the other side of the Redskin-Cowboys rivalry, Choice will be thrown into the fire right away.  Bowen will be here to make it easier for him, but he did impart some knowledge on Choice when he signed.

“I told him, I said, ‘The fans are really die-hard.  Win or lose, they’re gonna be behind us,'” he explained.  “‘The organization is great, because there’s no politics or anything like that.  The best player is always gonna play.'”

“He’s a vet, man,” Bowen concluded.  “He knows how to carry himself, and all he has to do is work hard, and the rest will go from there.”

0 thoughts on “Players Happy With Team’s Waiver Choice

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  2. If they plan on using Choice for anything other than filling a depth chart spot then they’re making a bad move. Giving him any kind of consistent pt other than at the end of a blowout win is a bad idea. He hasn’t produced near enough in this league. Poor choice.


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