Young To Choice: Welcome To The Family

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This season, the Redskins running game has been similar to the push-mower I used in high school: sometimes it works, and sometimes it doesn’t.  Sometimes it’s very dangerous, and sometimes it’s just ignored in the shed.

With the subtraction of Tim Hightower and the addition of Tashard Choice, Redskins fullback Darrel Young is hoping that the Redskins have found that perfect combination of horses in the backfield.

“It’s exciting, man,” he said.  “Every time you bring someone into the family that’s been productive in this league, it’s exciting.”

“Success” is a results-based term.  What do you like most about his style, DY?

“I dunno?  Truthfully I’ve never watched him play, but his fantasy points are pretty high, so…” he trailed off, with a laugh.

But one thing Young does know, is that Choice brings a third dimension to an otherwise flat running game.

“I think that teams are gonna have to game-plan for three backs now,” he explained.  “Teams can really only prepare for two.  Add in Roy, and Ryan who has been in this offense, teams now have to gameplan for three different styles.”

As the Redskins add another potential playmaker to the backfield mix, it’s incumbent upon the whole unit to try to get back on track.

“We just have to be confident in our ability to run the ball,” Young said.  “That’s the staple of this offense, and we just need to believe that we can get the job done.  We’ve gotta make the big play, and we’ve just gotta get better among ourselves.”

For now, it appears that Choice is ready to be part of that solution for the Redskins:!/tchoice23/status/131196846839312384

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