ESPN’s All-Division Team Swaps Redskins

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As per usual, ESPN’s NFC East Blogger Dan Graziano has compiled a list of the best and brightest at each of the 27 (or so) positions in the NFC East.

This All-Division team is based on the culmination of tape through the first eight weeks of play.  Strong performances factor for only one-eighth of the consideration, as do poor performances.

This week’s team is comprised of six Redskins, eight Giants, seven Cowboys, and six Eagles.  Here are the players of interest:

Fullback: Darrel Young, Redskins (Young)

Center: Will Montgomery, Redskins (Montgomery)

Inside linebacker: Sean Lee, Cowboys; London Fletcher, Redskins (Lee, Fletcher)

Punter: Sav Rocca, Redskins (Rocca)

Kick returner: Brandon Banks, Redskins (Devin Thomas)

Punt returner: Brandon Banks, Redskins (Banks)

With a solid performance last week, Banks supplanted Devin Thomas, knocking him off the list.

Déjà vu, wouldn’t you say?

Sadly, the Redskins lost both outside linebacker and safety considerations this week, as Brian Orakpo and LaRon Landry were both usurped.  Given the number of points yielded in the last three weeks, there’s no reason to complain with their temporary demotions, but I do expect to see them back on this list.

As far as the tight end position is concerned, Graziano stuck with Jason Witten over Fred Davis this week, despite the latter leading the former is several key areas:

Tight end was a tough call for the first time. Fred Davis’ numbers match up very well with Witten’s, and if the Dallas passing game continues to struggle and Davis gets healthy and has another big game, you could see a change there soon. That was one of those spots that looked as though it might be unchallenged all year, but Davis is making it interesting.

Very interesting.  Downright complicated, in fact.  Let’s take away the names on the stats and see what you think:

Tight end A: 36 rec., 517 yards, 14.4 yard average, 2 TD’s

Tight end B: 40 rec., 477 yards, 11.9 yard average, 3 TD’s

That’s about as close as it gets.  I’ll take “Tight end A,” because that happens to be Davis.  But I’ll also take Davis, because he’s making bigger plays, he’s grown to be a more integral part of his team’s offense, and it’s my guess that he’ll crack this list, this season.

Just a hunch.

Good to see Montgomery hold on to the top spot at center, even though he hasn’t played there for two and a half games:

Yes, I know Montgomery is playing left guard now for the Redskins, but he played center for their first five games and no other center in the division has a seven-game body of work that’s more impressive than what Montgomery did in his five.

Despite the season being nearly half over, inconsistency in the division is leaving this team wide open.

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