Redskins Vets Picking On The New Guy

One of the hardest transitions in professional sports is changing teams mid-seasons.  Aside from all of the elements that change on the field, adjusting to the culture of the team off the field can be even harder.

Most players get ignored.  Most have to build up their reputation on the field and prove that they belong before anyone will welcome them in.

And then there’s new Redskins running back Tashard Choice, who can’t find some peace and quiet.

Choice has a reputation for a hard worker on the field, and a relaxed, fun-loving guy off of it.  But in his first 72 hours in Washington, he’s trying to emphasize the first part and make a good impression.  During each of his first two days on the job, he’s been approached by media to discuss his transition to the Redskins.  And on both occasions, he’s been interrupted by his teammates.

Yesterday, it was defensive end Stephen Bowen, who is probably the most excited Redskins player since Choice arrived.  While Choice was answering questions about getting acclimated to the playbook, Bowen stood behind reporters and jumped around, waving his hands in the air.

Choice couldn’t help but laugh, gesturing to Bowen and saying, “And then this jackrabbit back there wouldn’t leave me alone since I got here.”

He also went on to say, in all seriousness, “Bow’–Bow’ my boy. He helped me out when I was a rookie in Dallas.”

Bowen later informed reporters that he was looking out for Choice, but he wasn’t going to offer him a place to sleep, unless he paid up.

“He can crash at my place for maybe $150, plus tax,” he joked.  “I remind him about those taxes; it’s really more like $175.  It’s like staying at the Double Tree [hotel].”

Today, it was the same story, but a different chapter.  After practice, Choice was approached for a daily update.  As he answered a question about how he was “blessed” to be with the Redskins, the former Georgia Tech running back was interrupted by Georgia alum Kedric Golston, who sang out “Georgia Bulldogs!” to the delight of Choice and the media.

Clearly, it’s tough being the new guy in town.

Listen to Choice’s transition and what he has planned for the Cowboys, below:

0 thoughts on “Redskins Vets Picking On The New Guy

  1. I do not like Cowboys, but Choice knowd their playbook and was under used due to JJ distaste for his skills. He also will be primed to run at their holes when they come to DX which could change their approach. I don’t know, I’d rather see us keep Roysrer up and sign TO if Shanahan believes in a playoff birth.


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