Williams: Sunday Closer Than ‘Longshot’

AP Image

Trent Williams was back out on the practice field (in a limited capacity) yesterday for the first time since he sprained his ankle in Week 6.  Coming off the field, Williams was bombarded with questions of whether he’ll be ready for the 49ers on Sunday.

It all began when CSN Washington’s Ryan O’Halloran asked him if he was a longshot for Sunday.

“I don’t know.  What’s a longshot?” he responded with a sneaky grin.

What about 70:30?  “No,” he responded.  “I think I’m a little closer than that.”

How much closer?  “60:40.”

What?  “69:31”

But Trent, it 71:29 the other day?  “Yeah, it just depends on how the day goes,” he said with a laugh.

Head coach Mike Shanahan could neither confirm, nor deny the percentiles, but did note “You can’t play unless you’re 100 percent.  So we’ll see how the practice goes during the week and we’ll see where he’s at.”

Hopefully Trent will be up to 74:26 to 77:23 percent today.  Maybe 82.6:17.4.

He did note that if he was cleared for the game on Sunday, it would be because he’s ready.

“If I go out there [on Sunday],” he said, “that’s the last thing on my mind.”

Listen to his full audio, below:

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