Nick Sundberg Launches Into Twitterverse

AP Image

The space shuttle Nick Sundberg has officially blasted off into the social media universe, spreading his messages of long snapping and wry observations.  His Twitter handle is (@NickSundberg).

I’ll have to find out the story behind that name.

As I write this post, he has already jumped from 317 followers, to 322.  One of those was me.

This is a recap of his first two weeks on the Twitter platform.

There was the “Welcome to Twitter” tweet:!/NickSundberg/status/125826716307435520

There was the, “No, I swear it’s me” tweet:!/NickSundberg/status/126061222662635520

There was a bold endorsement of his Facebook fan page:!/NickSundberg/status/127580609072738304

There was a “Travel update” tweet:!/NickSundberg/status/130414557956022272

And we have a greeting made famous by teammate and fellow special teamer, Brandon Banks:!/NickSundberg/status/132510351567757312

Follow your favorite Redskins long snapper on Twitter, at (@NickSundberg).

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