Rypien Topples Green Bay In Pro Debut

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For those of you that don’t watch MTV 2’s Lingerie Football League, it’s like the Arena Football League, but better.

In her first start as a  quarterback, Angela Rypien–daughter of Redskins great, Mark–did what her pops never did as a pro: beat Green Bay.

As LFL writers Pat Murphy and Jim Wallin wrote in their post game report, Rypien got the most out of her completions on the day:

Rypien, the daughter of former Washington Redskins quarterback and Super Bowl MVP Mark Rypien, completed just 6-of-16 passes for 81 yards but threw for three touchdowns and managed the offense well while avoiding interceptions in the second half as the Mist pulled away.

Following the game, ESPN’s Rick Reilly wrote a piece on Mark and Angela that highlighted Mark’s balance of pride in his daughter and wishing she wore more fabric:

“The first time my dad saw me in my uniform, it was, well, awkward,” says Angela Rypien, who threw for three touchdowns and no interceptions in her lingerie … debut, a 42-8 undressing of Green Bay. “But it’s nothing different than if we’d gone to the beach that day. Actually, I probably wear more than if I was at the beach.”

And then there was the father-daughter education moment:

In fact, in the Mist’s opening win, Rypien’s dad was able to look past the Victoria’s Secret getups and become what you’d expect — an over-involved parent. Angela got tackled in the first quarter and punched the woman who did it to her, drawing a 15-yard unsportswomanlike penalty.

Rypien marched down from his seat, onto the sideline, took his daughter by the shoulder pads and scolded, “If you EVER do that again, I’ll personally come down on this field and pull you out of the game!”

“I’m in as much danger of doing stupid things as the next fan,” Mark Rypien admits.

Uniform apologist and sportsmanlike conduct monitor aside, Mark is a proud papa that’s fully behind him daughter’s athletic pursuits:

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    • @jlt003-

      I’m not sure anything in life is ever that simple. You can hate the XFL, but if you like Sky Cam or in-game interviews, those were both ideas that got their start in the XFL. Why did the NFL, NHL, MLB, and NBA adopt them? Because they were good ideas and they work. The XFL may not have been the best product on the field, but it had a segment that it marketed to, and elements of it live on today.


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