Players Learning Team’s History

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On this week’s edition of “The Mike Shanahan Coach’s Show,” head coach Mike Shanahan sat down with hosts Larry Michael and Charles Mann to discuss the states of the Redskins.

Among the various topics of conversation, the issue of Redskins legacy came up with the current players.  Michael related a story about rookie receiver Leonard Hankerson not knowing who Sonny Jurgensen was, but later finding him downstairs reading up on the history mural.

Shanahan surmised that some players were better than others at learning the team history, but that it was a process that takes place over time.

“Sometimes you get these young players that are in their own world, they’ve been in college,” he explained.  “And all of a sudden when they get to be pro athletes, they realize that, ‘This is not just about me.  This is about a team, this is about an organization.  Let’s take a look at the history.  Let’s take a look at the people that have really kind of paved the way for us, to have the opportunities that we have today.'”

This Sunday, the Redskins will be witness to 80-plus Redskins alumni on the field before the game.  At halftime, Hall Of Famer Chris Hanburger will receive his ring on the field, and will address the fans at FedExField.

All of this is done for the alumni and the fans, but Shanahan thinks there could be residual effects on the current Redskins players.

“As they do get older, in a very short amount of time, these players learn to respect the game.”

Listen to his plans for the running game, O-line, and San Francisco, below:
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0 thoughts on “Players Learning Team’s History

  1. The team’s history, and my own history as a fan of the team, are what make me remain a fan through the lean times. I have been a fan since 1958; Grifith Stadium; Eddie LeBaron; Don Bosseler;Johnny “O”. I think new players should have to learn the team’s history so that they know who and what they are here for, and not just a job and a paycheck.


  2. Ive been a redskin for yrs and when u talk about history we have alot of it. But we were the Colts of Baltimore door mats for years and years until Sonny Jurgensen came from Phili to take us over the hump (sparking one of the if not the first of many QB controversies in our organization. Then we became a dynasty in the making…. and for the next 30-40 yrs or so remained as one of the elite teams in the NFL making numerous championship and superbowl appearances. And then came the Snyder era…. I have no more to say about it from there.


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