Experts Taking The Redskins, Are…

AP Image

It’s a thin crowd of NFL experts taking the Redskins today.  Probably no need for introductions.

That’s what happens when a a 6-1 team goes up against a 3-4 team mired in a three-game slump.  But no NFL game has ever been played on paper, and the Redskins have an East Coast home-field advantage.  If this is a trap game for the 49ers, these are the experts that saw the Redskins setting the bait:

ESPN: Adam Schefter, Seth Wickersham

CBS: Pete Prisco, of

FOX: Comedian Frank Caliendo, impersonating Jack Nicholson, who selected the Redskins as his “Upset Pick.”

Aaaaand that’s all folks.

0 thoughts on “Experts Taking The Redskins, Are…

  1. I know my skins are banged up on the o-line,who isnt?We may endup at 5 and 5,but then maybe we can pickup some o_line help in the draft,like we did on defense,we picked up harrington,jenkins,hellu,got gafney from the broncos,I think we have a QB in beck,he has a strong arm,good head for the game.When we were called the hogs,it was because we hogged the line of scrimage,trent Williams is a great tackke,but we need more his size,need some beef up front with good tecknic on blocking,theres some at nebraska,OU,OU state too,we need our scouts to start now,scoutting these teams for o_line helpWe have a great defense,now we need to get our offense up there too.Skins,I still beleive in you,I will allways be a redskin fan,nbo matter what,I bleed burgendy and gold,GO SKINS!!!


  2. I agree the skins are banged up. They need to draft a QB first and foremost. I did not like Beck’s play against the niners. He was not sure where to throw the ball. He was hesitating too long letting the defenders catch up and make plays on the ball. I want Grossman back he at least threw down field beck had many open receivers and did not see them instead short passes. DRAFT A QUARTERBACK PLEASE. BIG MISTAKE LETTING CAMPBELL GO.


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