Fourth Quarter Reflections

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Perhaps the answer to today’s loss can be found many moons ago in the Week 5 loss to the Eagles.

As you’ll recall, the Redskins were flying high out of the bye week, while the Eagles were on life support, traveling on the road to battle the healthy Redskins.

Five injured starters and 60 minutes later, nose tackle Barry Cofield was asked whether it was just one tally in the loss column or an indicator of future performance.  The conclusion that he came to at the time, was, “Well, we’ll just have to see.”

After today’s game, his answer sounds more ominous than optimistic.

The Redskins ended up with decent numbers, but stats don’t feel very good after today’s loss.

Cofield talked after the game again today, and revisited his words from Week 5.

“It’s hard to look back,” he said.  “Any losing streak, it can creep into the locker room and create negativity.  Honestly at this point, I feel like you do have to break the bad momentum.  At this point, when you’ve lost this many games in a row, a win is big.  It’s not about just that day.  A win can change the entire outlook on the season.”

At this point, that’s exactly what this team needs.  After starting out 3-1 in the first quarter of the season, the Redskins have dropped each of their last four games to round out the first half at 3-5.  Next up, the Redskins are staring down a Miami Dolphins that drubbed the Chiefs to the tune of 31-3, today.

After the game, Cofield articulated the only way that the team was going to beat the streak on the road.

“We can’t let it be a snowball effect, and we can’t let the negativity creep in,” he said.  “You have to make sure that when you take that field every day, that you have the best intentions.  You wanna go out there and win, and you realize that one win in this league can change a lot.”

“Once we get a win, we can finally exhale a sigh of relief.”

And the citizens of Redskins Nation feel the same pain.  At this point, the optimism of the preseason seems like a very long time ago.

Just how much difference did Chris Cooley, Santana Moss, Tim Hightower and Kory Lichtensteiger make?  There’s a difference between causality and coincidence, but the Redskins haven’t won since they departed.  Whether it’s production or leadership, the team just hasn’t produced since they left.

But there isn’t a single player in the locker room, willing to use that excuse.

“You’ve gotta win,” Cofield concluded.  “One win can cure a lot.  One win may not get you to the top of the division, but it can bring some good feeling into the locker room.  We just need one win.”

One win beats the streak.

So long from FedExField, with the Redskins falling in a tough one: Washington 11, San Francisco 19.

0 thoughts on “Fourth Quarter Reflections

  1. I actually thought Miami would be an easy win for the Skins, but seeing what they did to KC, I think Miami will get their second “W” next week. We can blame the losses on whatever we’d like, but if a starter goes down, the back-up should come in with no disruption of flow or rhythm. I haven’t heard any post-game comments from the players yet, but I already know what’s gonna be said (because I’ve heard it several times before)… “We didn’t get it done today.” “We didn’t execute,” “There’s a lot of football left to play.” or (my favorite) “We’ll bounce back next week.” I think they’ll finish 5-11, with wins over Seattle (maybe) and Minnesota (another maybe). The others (NYG, Dallas, Philly, NYJ, NE, and Miami) could very well be losses. Look how quickly they went from 1st to last place in the division. I’d rather watch college football, where the players aren’t paid, but the games are far more exciting (LSU vs Alabama).


  2. I watched a kick return by Brandon Banks where our Special Teams Ace Lorenzo Alexander showed little to no effort to make a block. I know that he can hit, but should he really be out there blocking???

    Also, I may be wrong…but I believe that the Redskins have never won a game that Reed Doughty started. Please release him.


  3. I have lost faith in this team as long as Beck is the starter. I was rooting for him to get a chance but I now believe Rex is a better option. Rex may cause a few turnovers but so does Beck. Rex can move the ball up and down the field and Beck cannot AT ALL. Beck misses too many OPEN recievers. He stares his targets down and its almost as if every play, even us as fans know EXACTLY where he’s gonna go. As long as Beck is the starter, we will continue to lose. And the Reed Doughty comment, i also agree. CUT HIM. HE SUCKS TOO.


  4. Why doesn’t kyle Shannahan let his QB’s call audibles or make any kind of changes that he sees need to be made when he’s on the field. John Beck & Rex Grossman have eyes and know hoew to read defense… let them play thier game. That’s what this is a game of whits and talent between QB’s. END OF GAME!


  5. I say if you can’t beat them playing structured ball, try playing street ball…..they won’t see that coming. anything is a shot better than kyle Ball. The team has the talent but coaching staff has them isolated. can’t play hard and have fun at it then it’s not a game anymore, it’s a business….recipe for LOOOSSSSSIIIIINNNNNGGGGg! GET IT?


  6. Heres the deal and it’s quite obvious. We have put alot of focus on the defensive side of the ball and the results show it ( #7 ). shanny will focus on the offensive side next year starting with a franchise qb. We pick up a couple good offensive free agents and we can become an a force once again. Shanny has been our coach for a year and a half. He’s building our team and he needs some time to put it all together. Remember he inherited a train wreck !!!!!!! Give this super bowl coach a little slack


  7. @ Thomas, you are abolutely right! For those who think they have all the answers, I’ll put my money on Shanahan over all these wannabees any day. Be thankfull we have the staff we have and have some faith and patience!


  8. I am a Redskins for long time. I know they are struggling with the injuries and had to start with the rookie’s. But cmon this is NFL now High school games!! These guys are supposed to be professionals and get paid. I am really sick of seeing these players just give up week after week 😦 . I thinkw e may have the worst QBs in the league. They may not even be playing NFL , but that was our choice to pick them. I think we need a coach who is strong and emotional like Detroit has not a guy who just sticks to what he knows to do. Lot of coaches in the league are tryiong lot of new things and taking chances unlike our coach. Please do something and start winning other wise it will be 3-13 . By the way, I may soon be Ravens fan if there is no change in the body language of our coach and players.


    • Jason- give up week after week? Did you watch the game ? The defense almost got into fist fights in the fourth quarter which sparked the entire team. As far as the Detroit team goes they are a good team but it took time to put the pieces together. And if you’re looking to jump ship and onto the ravens bandwagon, go ahead. I’m sure redskins nation won’t lose any sleep over it !


  9. Two Words. Kyle Shanahan. Terrible OC. You can’t blame DMcnabb now. Play calling is very important in the NFL. Kyle is not that good. Redskins need a new OC. Period!


    • Mcnabb5- how can you blame the oc? We still don’t have the pieces in place for this offense to work. You can’t put Kyle bush in a vw and tell him to win race. Don’t you think the coaches see what’s going on? There’s only so much they can do in the middle of the season. Changes will take place on the off season and through the draft. Patience !!


  10. thomas, sure can appreciate your optimism & faith in skins BUT as I said before I am a fan of skins since george allen was coach. Snider has been owner for about 20 yrs. & skins have made play-offs twice. How many rebuilding yrs. , coaching changes , Qb changes & picking up has-been players does it take to get at least a winning record team ????????? I still think snider has behind the scenes total say-so & does not have a good judgement of good players & coaches & future potential of same. 18 yrs. of being door-mat in the nfl is plenty of proof for me. I AM STILL A SKINS FAN SO DON’T SAY GO ELSE-WHERE !!!!!!!!!


    • Jim – I’ve been waiting to hear from you. I completely understand where you are coming from. I believe snider has learned his lesson that he can’t buy a super bowl or even bringing back Gibbs to get one. But you have to agree that he’s tried every trick in the book to have a championship but it hasn’t worked. I believe that he’s learned his lesson finally and will let the Shannys do their thing. I know that we don’t agree on that but that’s ok. I enjoy the debate with you and I won’t tell you to go somewhere else. I have to believe we will get there but it’s going to take a little time. How much time? I think if we stay the course – 2 years


  11. Thomas how long have you been a skins fan? How many October’s have come and we all aRE saying next year? I am not convinced Shanny can evaluate QB’s, his success has been linked to one


  12. QB his entire career. In my book he has one more year (next year) to turn it around. If not he and his son should go. Other teams can turn their franchise around but the skins don’t. Tired of being in last place every year!


    • Dutch- I hear ya. I’ve been a skins fan for 30 years and yes it’s frustrating as hell watching this offense perform. I just hope we can finally keep a coach for an extended period of time to give us a foundation from which to build on. I feel that we are on the right path. If we can manage to get a high draft pick there are a number of good qb prospects to choose from in 2012


  13. yep I can disagree with pholosophy ( s.p. lol ) about the skins but I agree with dutch —— the skins start off 3 & 1 which is great but then play like they were scared to death of ” dog-killer” Vick & the eagles —- this after a bye — at home & at the time all starters playing. BUSTED MY BUBBLE so bad I wanted to cry but got pissed off instead !!!!!!!!!!!!! lol I am ready for a winner skins team especially since I bought the Direct TV football package ( $ 340.00 bucks ) so I could watch skins & raider games.In central ILL. you get bears– packers — colts — rams — vikings –bengals etc. but very rarely skins or raiders. GOOD LUCK TO SKINS HOPEFULLY


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