A Positive Torain Looking For ‘Great Vibe’

Running back Ryan Torain was one of the few bright spots on the Redskins offense last year, putting together three 100-yard games.  This season–outside of St. Louis (19 rushes for 135 yards)–Torain has had only 21 carries for 33 yards.

With such limited opportunities, the key to Torain’s focus has been his impermeable positivity–something that he’s trying to spread to the rest of his teammates.

“We’ve gotta stay positive, and we’ve gotta stay focused,” he said.  “I need to make plays when I get my opportunities, and I’ve gotta be an uplift.  Excited our teammates and make them want to do the same thing.  I’ve got to definitely give off a great vibe.”

Torain’s duties at running back? Run hard, pass protect, catch the ball out of the backfield, protect the football, and give off a great vibe.

Check out his full audio, below:

0 thoughts on “A Positive Torain Looking For ‘Great Vibe’

  1. Dear Mr. Snyder:

    Now is the time to immediately change the racist name of this football team. I have been a fan for about 40 years, but have always thought the name to be offensive. Abe Pollin changed the name of the basketball team from the Bullets to the Wizards because he was concerned about violence. It is time for you to act with civic honor as well.

    Josh Silver


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