Adam Coles Named First Of Tim’s H.H.H.’s

Last week, Redskins running back Tim Hightower named the first of his “Hightower Hometown Heroes,” which recognizes superior high school football players that are leaders and role models off the field.  On Sunday, Adam Coles of Potomac High School was the first such player to be recognized, and was Hightower’s guest to the Redskins-49ers game.

Coles (5-9, 165) is a junior running back and defensive back for Potomac High School.  His budding career, in his own words:

“I play running back mostly, but I can catch screens out of the backfield,” he said.  “Yesterday, I just reached 1,000 yards rushing on the season, in the last game of the season.  I had two four-touchdown games, and my highest rushing game was 222 yards.  So far, I have 12 touchdowns.”

“Right now, we’re 8-2 and playoff-bound.  We’ll be going to the playoffs this Saturday, at home, against West Lake.”

Coles found out about the H.H.H. initiative after his athletic director recommended it to him.  He said that he wrote the essay, submitted his information, and there he was on the sidelines with Hightower.

“I’m so excited to be out here,” he said with a broad smile.  “I’ve never been this close to NFL players.”

Speaking of NFL players, I asked him which NFL running back he compared his game and style to.  He only had to look a few feet to his left.

“I’m a mix between Tim Hightower and [Texans running back] Arian Foster,” he said.  “I’m a speed guy, and dynamic.  I move quick.”

Off the field, Coles is just as dynamic, serving as a minister at Heavens Best Healing and Deliverance Baptist Church.  He also must be a leader in his own house.

“I also have a big family, five brothers and six sisters,” he said.  “So I just try my best to be a leader in everything I do.”

If Coles can keep up the good work on and off the field, he might be standing on an NFL side again in only a few short years.

There’s still an opportunity to submit entries for Hightower’s Hometown Heroes.  Two more high school leaders, on and off the gridiron, will be honored in the coming weeks.

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  1. Congrats young fella. I’m a proud graduate of Crossland High C/O 85 and played in some classic football battles (OT games in 83 & 84 which we lost. SMDH)we had with Potomac back when they were called the Braves.


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