Gibbs Returns To The Gridiron, For Family

via Mark Sluder

All across the nation, youth football teams are coached by generous adults from all walks of life.  Some are former high school football stars, some are football amateurs.  Some are coaches looking to turn it into a career, and some are just concerned parents.

And some are three-time Super Bowl winning coaches that have been enshrined in the Pro Football Hall of Fame.

Tripp Mickle of the Sports Business Journal “Out of the Office” section, caught up with Redskins great Joe Gibbs, who is living his life after football with family…and football.

Three years ago, after re-retiring from the Redskins, Gibbs didn’t know whether he would have the itch to return to the sidelines for a third time.  Apparently, his son J.D., made the decision easy for him, by naming him coach of his grandson’s youth football team:

The team of fifth- and sixth-graders the Gibbses coached this year finished undefeated, but the three teams they coached in previous years combined for six losses. In one of those games the defense, coached by NFL hall of famer Joe, gave up 34 points.

“J.D. comes over to me afterward and says, ‘For crying out loud, why couldn’t you just stop them?’” Joe says with a laugh, recounting that game. “I said, ‘Well, if you’d just scored one more touchdown, we would have won.’”

Gibbs comes from a big football family and has lots of grandsons on the way.  When he said that he was leaving the Redskins to pursue his other interests, he had seven of them in mind:

“I’ve got seven [grandsons] coming in a row,” Joe says. “The youngest is 3. It’s really going to be fun for me to coach those little guys.”

Nice to see Gibbs back on the horse that is football coaching–even if it is a foal.  He was a coach known for developing raw talent and getting the most out of his players as a group.

All he needs now is a short Posse, a mini-Diesel and an O-line of little Piglets.

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