Kerrigan Falls In Contested Madden Game

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It was a great night for football at the Reston, Va. Verizon store location, where Redskins linebacker Ryan Kerrigan was set to take on Ravens fullback Vontae Leach in a winner-takes-all game of Madden ’12.  Leach, his opponent, was playing remotely at the Timonium, Md. location.

The point of the exhibition was to display the capabilities of the Verizon 4G Wireless Network, which, for the most part, worked well.  More on that later.

As Kerrigan entered the store, he looked calm and confident.  When asked if he was going to win, he simply stated, “That’s the plan.”

After the game was set up, Kerrigan tried his hand at smack talking, which I get the impression is not his strong suit.  Or he couldn’t really let loose at a family event.  Either way, he pointed into the Web cam and said “You’re going down!” to Leach.

Leach won the coin toss and elected to receive.  The first play from scrimmage was a virtual Joe Flacco sack by none other than virtual Ryan Kerrigan.  On that same drive, virtual Kerrigan has a one-on-0ne tackle of Ravens virtual running back Ray Rice in the flats.  It was easy to see that this game was going to boil down to a defensive struggle.

The play of the game was actually a technical malfunction that occurred at the end of the first quarter.  As the Redskins stood poised to score on the Ravens goal line, a Ravens Miracle caused the game to disconnect and the results to be lost.  Kerrigan played it off well and said into the Web cam to Leach, “We’ll just call that seven.”

After the game was restarted, the defense locked down even more, with three-and-outs and interceptions ruling the day.  It was not until late in the fourth quarter, when virtual Rice took a hand-off behind left tackle and spun his way into the end zone.  Touchdown, Ravens.

If it’s any consolation, it was scored on virtual Brian Orakpo, not virtual Kerrigan.

On the ensuing drive, Kerrigan could not answer, as the virtual Redskins were felled by the virtual Ravens, 7-0.  No doubt, the debate will rage on what would have happened if the game wasn’t inexplicably restarted after the first quarter, but both players were able to end the game with a Web cam handshake.

I turned to head coach Kerrigan after the game to ask him what he thought of his star linebacker, Ryan Kerrigan.  “I think he played alright,” he said with a smile.  “Probably could’ve played a little tighter in coverage, though.”

There you have it.  That’s all from Reston, good night.

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