Week 10 Power Rankings Roundup

AP Image

So what did we learn about the Redskins this week?  According to most NFL prognosticators, estimators and haters: not much.

And the almighty NFL power rankings reflect this, by staying pretty much the same this week.

With each loss, the team has focused more and more heavily on the immediate future.  No one is making grandiose statements now, they’re just focused on getting the first win since October 2.

Check out your clearance bin of Week 10 power rankings:

CBSSports.com gave the Redskins No. 22, holding steady from No. 22 last week: 

FoxSports.com bumped the Redskins to No. 25, down one from No. 24 last week:

NBC/ProFootballTalk.com dropped the Redskins to No. 25, slipping one from No. 24 last week:

ESPN.com held the Redskins to No. 22, holding steady from last week’s No. 22: 

NFC East blogger for ESPN.com, Dan Graziano, said that losing to a 7-1 49ers team isn’t bad, but they’ll need to show more if they want to regain the rankings they had earlier this season:

Same thing here, but the Redskins lost to a 7-1 San Francisco team, and I guess there’s no shame in that, is there? Also, did the Redskins look any worse Sunday than they did the Sunday before? Did we learn anything about their insufficient offense that we didn’t already know? The Redskins offered voters no new information with which to evaluate them, so I guess the voters left them right where they were. Which is right about where they belong so far.

When the current group of players couldn’t get it done, the Redskins made a slew of roster changes yesterday to shake things up.  There’s no way to know if these players will contribute to what the Redskins want to do, but the coaches are sending the message that they’re going to find out.


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