Graham Gano Re-Kicking On Social Media

At the start of the season, kick returner Brandon Banks was the only Redskins specialist who actively tweeted:

On Oct. 17, the world premier of the Nick Sundberg long snapping social media experience began, with the launching of his official twitter page:

And now, I’m pleased to report the unveiling of the Graham Gano Twitter page (@grahamgano):

To answer your questions: Yes, this is his official page. ¬†No, he probably won’t tweet. ¬†Truthfully, Gano is just defending his turf.

Recent impostors on Twitter were pretending to be your favorite Redskins kicker, and tweeting un-Graham-like thoughts.  Gano, who was once and active tweeter, actually got back on Twitter in order to set the record straight.

“I probably won’t tweet anything, I just don’t want anyone else to have a fake on,” he said. ¬†“This guy was tweeting stuff about me and my wife. ¬†He had some word on there that I don’t use, and I was like, don’t say that stuff. ¬†I had to send that guy and email and tell him to stop it.”

So why did Gano ever get off of Twitter?

“I got too many death threats last year,” he said nonchalantly. ¬†“I know right? ¬†People didn’t like some Graham Gano in their life.”

At this point, he was called out by his long snapper, with whom he was playing catch in the locker room.

“I dunno why he ever got rid of it,” Sundberg said. ¬†“Because after every game, he’d still search Twitter to see what people were saying about him.”

“Yeah, but only after good games,” Gano said with a smile. ¬†“If it’s a bad game, I don’t do it.”

Sunday’s 59-yard blast brought nothing but love on Twitter, where he was actually trending for a while.

But that doesn’t mean he’ll tweet anything, any time soon.

Instant Update: For those of you wondering when punting revelation Sav Rocca will be joining Twitter, Nick Sundberg reports: “I dunno man. ¬†Sav’s pretty old. ¬†I don’t think he’s too technologically savvy.”

Or is it Sav-vy?

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