Players Tweet Thanks To Veterans

AP Image

On this blustery day in Northern Virginia, the Redskins take the field with veterans and military personnel on their minds.  Earlier this week, the Redskins hosted a Pro vs. G.I. Joes video game day at the Park, as well as host a Salute to Our Heroes Luncheon.

Today, before taking the practice field, the Redskins took a moment to tweet their thanks to the young men and women that defend this country and allow them to play football:!/speedybanks16/statuses/134958248980787200!/Dhall23/statuses/135009826966216704!/stevebo72/statuses/134968521338793984!/stevebo72/statuses/134970477461504000!/onemangang97/statuses/134953507815030785!/doughty37/statuses/135068064692715520!/TruckNeild/statuses/135067180164325376!/ErikMCook/status/135090944960757761

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