Jason Taylor: A Fiery Class Act

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Former Redskins defensive end Jason Taylor is back with the Dolphins now, in his 15th season.  He is also the cover star of this week’s Dolphins Playbook magazine.

It’s nice to see that the man who once made headlines for his post-career career is totally focused on football, back with the team where he started.  After all, he was once a runner up on Dancing With The Stars:

There was almost a feeling that he might cut his football career short to pursue other opportunities, namely a movie career.  Taylor had appeared in commercials, as well as joining Elmo on Sesame Street.

Where he taught the world about the word “toss”:

For anyone that watched him in Washington, it’s not a stretch to say that he didn’t work out as a Redskin.  With that being said, he is a pretty classy dude, and it’s good to see him land on feet (even on PBS).

On the other hand, the Dolphins ownership suite could provide some decent gametime entertainment, circa 2003:

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