Second Quarter Situation Room

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Welcome to Washington, wide receiver David Anderson.  The newbie Washingtonian caught his first pass as a Redskin–a 14-yard reception to convert on third down–in only his fifth day in the Burgundy and Gold.

As he explained it on Wednesday, he knew the Kyle Shanahan scheme except for about “three words that were different.”  But he knows the three words that matter most to Redskins fans right now: “Catch. The. Ball.”

Nothing sensational, but one of the better things that happened for the Redskins in the second quarter.  The Redskins should also reserve a shoutout to the swirling wind in the north end zone, which was no kinder to the Dolphins than it was the Redskins.

So far, the score is: Redskins 6, Dolphins 10, Mother Nature 6.

Rookie receiver has blossomed from a training camp goat into a full-on midseason delight.  Yes, he still has his flaws and room for improvement, but he’s one of the few Redskins that’s been able to get open in recent weeks.  With no Chris Cooley, Santana Moss, or Niles Paul for the foreseeable future, Hankerson has his chance to shine.  Coming into the game, he had five career receptions for 57 yards.  In the first half, he already has three grabs for 38 yards.

In the first half, the Redskins are doing the things that they need to do to win: creating turnover opportunities, limiting penalties, and keeping a balanced offense:

  • So far, the Redskins have run the ball 11 times and thrown 12 times.
  • Both quarterbacks have been intercepted once, but Grossman’s was a product of miscommunication rather than a bad throw.
  • Outside linebacker Ryan Kerrigan added his fourth career sack and third forced fumble, one that was recovered by the Dolphins.
  • The Redskins have only been penalized three times for 21 yards.

This is the gameplan that the team needs to replicate in the second half in order to break out of this slump.  The difference will be capitalizing on opportunity and being patient on offense.  A lot went wrong to lose four-straight games; one or two big plays can turn it all around this afternoon.

Lots of football left in the Sunshine State: Dolphins 10, Redskins 6.

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