Warming Up In The South Florida Sun

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Welcome to Miami Dade County, the land of hanging chads and Landshark beer.  As players take the field today, it’s a balmy 80 degrees under partly cloudy skies, with winds out of the east at 20 mph.

The NFC East, that is.

The Redskins are warming up today, looking to beat the streak.  Special teams are locked in, as Graham Gano just kicked a 63-yard field goal that would have been good from 66 or 67.  Here’s the rest of the gang:

The Redskins made a low-risk/high-reward signing this week with former first round pick, defensive end Kentwan Balmer.  Balmer is motivated to latch on with an NFL team and live up to his collegiate pedigree, so the world is his locker room.  And defensive line coach Jacob Burney is the man to make it happen, even on gameday:

Former Florida Gator, quarterback Rex Grossman, has also taken the field to warm up:

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