No More Counting On Hank Time In 2011

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Yesterday, receiver Leonard Hankerson had his breakout, welcome-to-the-NFL game, with a team-leading 106 yards through the air.  Despite leaving the game with an apparent leg injury at the end of the game, he assured media in the locker room that he was fine.

At this afternoon’s press conference, Redskins head coach Mike Shanahan revealed that Hankerson’s season was over due to a torn labrum, and his subsequent placement on injured reserve.

More specifically, Shanahan explained:

It’s [subluxated], which means it goes out and then pops back in,” he said.  “If it’s dislocated, it just stays out and they move it back in. It did pop back in, but, usually when it pops back in, there’s a labrum tear in that area. The specialist will look at it and we’ll find out.”

He’s not a doctor, he just plays one on Redskins TV.

Time to do an injury rain dance, my friends.  Has anyone broken a Redskins mirror?  Opened an umbrella inside at Redskins Park?  Spilled salt from a Redskins shaker?  Angered a black cat named Sonny?  Walked under a Burgundy ladder?   If so, this is your cue to seek forgiveness.

And go Feng Shui your Redskins fancave.

This is certainly a frustrating development for a team starved for playmaking receivers.  Remember training camp when the Redskins were criticized for having nearly a dozen receivers?  They might need all of them this season.

The team will look to receivers like Terrence Austin and Anthony Armstrong to step up and fill the gap.  Armstrong offered his sympathies to Hankerson this afternoon:!/MrArmstrong13/statuses/136185782393249792

Receiver David Anderson will also be looked to, despite him playing a different position in the slot.  Anderson caught his first pass with the Redskins yesterday, going for 14 yards and converting a third down.

That’s a good way to make friends in this town.

Anderson also has the distinction of having studied at UPenn’s Wharton School of Business in the 2010 offseason.  I think he should be smart enough to master the playbook for this week’s matchup against the Cowboys.

0 thoughts on “No More Counting On Hank Time In 2011

  1. Another seemingly solid anchor point lost to injury. Seems we just can’t get a break this year. With all the injuries this year there’s no continuity to flow out a process. The only good to come out of it is everyone gets some play time. I guess coach can get a good look at things. I thought Riley looked pretty good. No choice for a Skins fan but to hang in there and ride it out. To many changes going on in years past. Time to settle in and put some more pieces on what we have now……Get yourself well Leonard!


  2. GusBZ:

    The only curse this franchise has had the past 12 years is the owner we still have.

    NOTE to DANNO:

    Stay the’ h’ out of the front-office. Settle the things that BRUCE and MIKE bring you, otherwise lay off for the next four and a half years.


  3. psychoskin:

    I thought RILEY showed up too. Maybe PERRY will be the monster W-ILB we need after all. Let’s keep our fingers crossed for the best.


  4. Es realmente una pieza fresca y útil de información. Estoy satisfecho de que usted compartió útil esta información con nosotros. Por favor, quédate nos informó de esta manera. Gracias por compartir.


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