Student Athletes Defy The Label Of ‘Zero’

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The lump sum of wasted talent is zero.  The lump sum of potential that’s never put to work, is zero.

It’s true in physics, and it’s true in sports.  For every miraculous athletic performer, there’s the guy that never made it.  And former Redskins tight end, didn’t want to see any of the latter at today’s “4th & Life” event at FedExField.

So rather than congratulate them for their tremendous ability, he reminded them that until they get paid for their skills, they were “zeroes.”

He later explained that he expected them to reject that label:

One of the ways that Walker and Redskins panelists Lorenzo Alexander, Ryan Kerrigan and Darrel Young encouraged students to succeed, was to focus on academics.

Even the ones that they, themselves, hated:

Today’s event was a great experience for the 500 students in attendance, and there were times when the place was rowdy, and others when you could have heard a pin drop.

There was general knowledge for developing young men, the role of a player and the role of a coach.  The panel handled questions about leadership, motivation, and staying healthy, challenging the players to take the road less traveled.

And for the Redskins fans in attendance, Young shared his thoughts on why the offense has struggled to find success in recent weeks.

Not surprisingly, he would pound the rock:

This was a very relaxed and candid experience for these student athletes.

It wouldn’t be surprising to see some of them up on that very stage in the next few years.

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