Orakpo: Stop The Run, Bring On The Fun

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Linebacker Brian Orakpo’s game is predicated on his ability to rush the passer and create havoc in the backfield.

But the Redskins’s recent struggle to stop the run and force third-and-long situations has diminished Orakpo’s opportunities to get to the quarterback.  Orakpo is hoping that the “Miami Plan,” which kept him quiet last week, isn’t used again.

“I hope not, man, I hope not,” he said.  “I hope they don’t get in formations where they run it all day, because that’s not my strength, obviously.  But I do what I can, obviously.  A guy like myself, a guy like Kerrigan–we do what we’re asked to do, we’re very coachable guys–but at the same time, we wanna rush the passer, we wanna get after him.”

And Orakpo really needs to “get after him.”  In his career, he’s played the Cowboys in five games, with zero career sacks.  Against all divisional opponents in his career, he has only one-half sack.

The way that the defense can do that is to stop the run and force the opposing offense to become one-dimensional.

“We have to stop the run on first and second down.  If we in coverage, we need to make sure we’re tight on our coverages,” he said.  “Y’know, we’re not complaining about our coverages, but once we get in those third-and-longs, we wanna get after it.”

Hear Orakpo’s thoughts on scoring on defense and a win over the Cowboys, below:
[castfire id=”castFireVideo” guid=”UwIWI” width=”620″ filename=”789737/redskins_2011-11-16-124437.895.m4v”]

0 thoughts on “Orakpo: Stop The Run, Bring On The Fun

  1. I’m sure Dallas will go to the air early and want to put the game and defense spirit out early. Especially after the success they had last week. I’m sure they want to shut the 12th man up and clear the stands by half time. Then maybe they’ll run the ball some. If the coverage isn’t tight and aggressive early it will probably work out for them. If coverage holds and it gets to much work for Romo’s little brain, Haz should dial up some blitz and get crazy maybe rolling ‘Rac and Ry’ inside once in a while with some cross over. (mix it up a bit) Maybe we can shake ’em up and get that center to snap the ball into the back field a bunch of times again… This time lets go for the throat and get a win!!!!!


  2. @ psycoskin The “Skins blitz packages worked to a degree the last time they played the ‘Boys. But since then the OL for Dallas has really worked well as a group with the exception of the Philly game. They are young and 0 sacks in the last 2 games. And thats alot of drop backs. If Washington can’t man cover,and still put 8 men in the box to stop the run they are gonna be in for a very long day. Romo runs the PA as well as any QB in the game.


  3. @ psycoskin

    Romo’s ‘little’ brain is a heck of a lot bigger than Grossman and Beck’s combined. 😛

    I really hope it’s a good, competitive game this week.


  4. dallas cowboys,
    you wish in one hand & I’ll crap in the other hand & see which one fills up first. Romo is a half-baked , arrogant little punk who thinks he is superman but BIG GAMES show how crappy he REALLY is !!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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