Vernon Fox On Dallas Payback, Fan Morale

USA Today Image

Former Redskins safety Vernon Fox continues his roll as a Redskins analyst for School of the Legend, with this week’s state of the Redskins.

He recaps his predictions for the Dolphins game, but perhaps more importantly, he talks about the importance of fan morale to the team right now, and talks about payback against Dallas:

0 thoughts on “Vernon Fox On Dallas Payback, Fan Morale

  1. Sorry “money earnin” Vernon… the Skins are losing fan support fast. When I watch players who make millions of dollars play w/no effort, I have a problem with that. There are “some” players who are out there leaving it on the field, but we need the entire team to do that, not just a few. We hear the same ol’ lame excuses from the players every week. I’ve only watched the Skins play in person six times. They went 2-4 in those games; I’m glad I didn’t pay a dime for any of those tickets. I’ve said in a previous blog that I won’t watch the next or any of their remaining games. I will log onto this site and let everyone’s blog statements tell me the outcome (which I already know). If they prove me wrong, I will be the first to admit that I’ve been too hard on them. Until then, I will watch college football, where the games are far more exciting, because they all count.


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