Landry Teaches Gomes How To Interview

AP Image

Even the bravest of players will shy away from open locker room in the days leading up to a rivalry game.  Add in the recent losing streak, and the media was left to interview empty lockers for much of the morning.

That is, until safeties LaRon “LL” Landry and DeJon “DJ” Gomes came in.  Instantly, the media descended on Landry’s locker, who took the opportunity to teach Gomes how to handle an interview from the media.

Landry had some fun as he fielded most of the questions from the “DJ LL” panel.  He covered the whole spectrum of topics, from his Achilles injury, to the Cowboys, and his patented advice to Gomes on how to deflect the media:

On this Sunday’s rivalry game, Landry admitted to being excited, but wasn’t buying the Dallas Week hype.

“I understand the tradition, but every single game, I take the same way,” he said. “I don’t look at one game as greater than another, and I play each snap of each game to the best of my ability. So with that said, I don’t go with all the hype.”

And his go-to answer for questions he doesn’t want to answer?  “Ask coach,” he offered to Gomes with a big laugh.

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