Tashard Making The Wise Choice

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In life, silence is generally considered to be golden.  In football, choosing not to be silent is cork board–bulletin board material–to be more precise.

In anticipation of the upcoming game against his former team, Redskins running back Tashard Choice could say a lot of things.  He could talk about how the Cowboys, the team that drafted him in the fourth round of the 2008 NFL Draft, cut him unceremoniously after Week 7.  He could talk about how he laid his body on the line, and when he injured his hamstring, they sent him packing.

He could talk about how he’ll celebrate his 27th birthday on Sunday, hoping to be an active participant in a perfect storyline.

But he’d rather not.

All he would say earlier this week is that he’s ready and there is a “100 percent chance” that he plays.

According to Choice, he’s going to do his talking on the field on Sunday, and then he’ll talk to the media about it afterward.  “I’m gonna handle that first,” he said with a poorly concealed smile.  “I’m gonna handle it.”

Whatever “it” is, will have to wait until Sunday to be unwrapped.

With so much personal and professional emotion riding on this Sunday’s game, Choice is wise to choose silence.

0 thoughts on “Tashard Making The Wise Choice

  1. Nothing against Torain or Helu but since Hightower’s been down we haven’t had a real bully dog running in the yard. I’m hoping and looking for Choice to bust down the fence. A run game will definitly help Rex some. How great would that be? A somewhat disgruntled former Jerry’s player sticking it back to him. It’ll depend on the O line giving him half a chance and the better Rex showing up Sunday and not making deflating plays. Just throw it away if isn’t there Rex, a punt is better than an interception…..dawg gawn it!!!!!


  2. I’m a Cowboy fan and I need to comment on this article. First, the Cowboys didn’t send him packing because he got hurt. They sent him packing because he was the worst of our active backs and really couldn’t get on the field unless someone got hurt. So if you are hoping for him to save the day, you’re gonna have a bad day.


  3. Another Cowboys fan here. BlueStarBallhawk is right. Choice had become an ineffective part of Dallas’ system and started to become prone to both injury and fumbles. Simply put, with the emergence of Murray, Choice became expendable.

    The big question on Sunday is “Which Cowboys player will Choice seek out an autograph from after the game is over?”


  4. Ballhawk, thanks for the comment. We appreciate a Cowboys fan when they come in and are civil, so you are welcome anytime. Thanks for the tip about the fumbles; I hadn’t heard about that. It’ll be a good thing to keep an eye on. I’d like to wish you luck on Sunday, but I just can’t. 🙂


  5. Choice is a good runner. Put the ball on the rug a couple of times. He became expendable in Dallas because he sucks at special teams and he cant pick up the blitz to save his or Romo’s life at the time.
    Look for this to be a typical Dallas/Redskins game, throw out the records and injuries, who wins is anybody’s guess.


  6. standard procedure for Snider—– get a 3/4 or nine tenths used up player !!!!! Mcnabb– grossman—- choice — jason taylor —- way back deon sanders on his way out— haynesworth etc. & on & on. get out of the way of a successful team snider !!!!!!!!!!!!!


  7. I am also I diehard Cowboys fan. I write regular blogs on the web site and evaluate players on a regular basis. I disagree about Choice being washed up. In fact, he never really got a chance to get a rhythm going. yes he has fumbled a few balls but he shined when he was given a chance. He has been a victim of the typical Cowboys progress stopping that has led to our team losing a lot of talented players over the yrs. If he can stay healthy I think you guys have a solid RB at your disposal. I just hope he doesn’t show it against us lol. I miss Bowen in Dallas as well and wish both players the best of luck in Washington!


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