The Team’s Madden Crown Is Passed

Very infrequently do NFL players step away from football.  During the work day, they put their bodies on the line, pounding themselves into football shape.  After hours, they watch film and pour over the playbook, seeking every plausible advantage.

And when it’s time to go home and relax, they fire up the gaming system and challenge each other in Madden ’12.

This year’s group of rookies is particularly competitive and talented at thumb football, challenging one another and hashing out their smack talk on Twitter.  Yesterday, receiver Aldrick Robinson went on a winning streak that brought him to the door of incumbent champion, safety DeJon Gomes.

After drumming rookie receiver Leonard Hankerson to the tune of 59-18, Robinson declared:

Good to know that he’s not renting it.

This stirred the interest of Gomes, who has been the frequently-disputed locker room champion:

Confidence buoyed by his hot streak, Robinson stepped up to the challenge, offering:

Leggo indeed. The Gomes Steelers squared off against the Robinson Falcons, and played 58 minutes of fairly even football, with the Falcons up by six at the 2-minute warning.  The Steelers had the ball and moved it down the field as time ticked away in the game.  Knocking on the endzone, Gomes called for a rocket screen, but was picked off to secure the win.

Still a little sore this morning, Gomes recanted: “Somehow, his linebacker from in the box, intercepted the ball, which was all the way by the sidelines. I dunno how he did it, but he must have a really quick linebacker.”

The game–and indeed Gomes’s reign was over. But the victor was gracious:

And the rematch was set.

“He got lucky last night–I’ll give him that win,” Gomes said this morning.  “We’re supposed to play today, so I’ll get the best of him.”

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